2018 Kingfishers Club Championship Review

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Kingfishers Swimming Club – Championship Review

Kingfishers S.C. – SaDSA Gala Meet Results @ Scarborough Leisure Village – Sunday 25th November

Kingfishers S.C. – SaDSA Gala Meet Results

Well done to all our Kingfisher swimmers who had some fantastic swims & great results….

Link to all Results:

Kingfishers Last Winter Club Night & Fun Gala – Wednesday 19th December !!

Kingfishers Last Winter Club Night & Fun Gala – Wednesday 19th December !!

On this Night we will be holding a fun gala for all members to enter.

There will be trophies presented to the winning team members.

The teams will be made up similar to last year event with older squad swimmers looking after the younger swimmers within their teams.

Events will be original & varied but most importantly  fun!!

Please register your child’s name on the front desk so that we can plan teams in advance …..


Yorkshire Qualified Swimmers Xmas Programme

There will also be some additional sessions over Xmas for swimmers with Yorkshire Championship qualifying times. This is in preparation for February’s 2nd/3rd/23rd/24th Yorkshire Championships.

Selection will be by invitation only, qualifying swimmers will be advised by the coaching team.


  • Saturday 29th December  – 8 – 10am

  • Sunday 30th December – 4-6pm

  • Wednesday 2nd January – 7-9pm

  • Saturday 5th January – 8-10am

  • The charge per child will be £20 in total payable upfront.

All club swimmers will return on Sunday 6th Jan

Wishing You All a Merry Xmas

& a Happy New Year!!

The Committee


SADSA Gala – Kingfisher Entries – Sunday 25th Nov @ Scarborough Pool

SADSA Gala – Kingfisher Entries – Sunday 25th Nov @ Scarborough Pool

Swimmers please check your race entries:

All Swimmers


Kingfishers Club Championships – Sunday 18th November

Kingfishers Club Championships – Sunday 18th NovemberKingfishers Swimming Club

All members please note arrangements for our club championships:

Volunteers; please meet in the changing rooms at 8.30am.

Swimmers; warm up will be 9am.

Spectators; entry to balcony 8.45 am. Admision is £3 per person including children. This price includes a program.

Lunch 12.30 TIL 1.30; Volunteers will recieve lunch in function room.

Afternoon warm up 1.30 hopefully finish approx 5pm.

Swim Training Polite Reminder – Punctual Attendance

Parents & Swimmers Please Note.

Swimmers please do not attempt to access the pool if you are any more than 10 minutes late for your session. This rule is to prevent injuries as you are much more likely to be injured if you miss warm up. Each session has a 15 minute warm up incorporated into all sets by the teachers & coaches.

How important is warming up before swimming?

With swimming using large groups of muscles it is essential that you use efficient movements and maintain a low heart rate so as not to fatigue the body. … Warming up increases body temperature, which reduces the chance for muscle and tendon injuries.

How long should swimming warm up last?

At bare minimum, your warm-up period should be five minutes long. If you are practicing an intricate sport like gymnastics or ballet, you need much longer than five minutes to properly warm up. Also, when your muscles are extremely sore from a previous workout, you will need to take more time to warm up.

Please respect this rule as it is there to reduce your risk of injury.

Thank You for respecting this rule……….  Safe & Happy Swimming !!







No Swimming Training on Sunday 18th or 25th November

Please note there will be no swimming training on Sunday 18th or 25th November due to Club Championships and SADSA annual gala.

Good luck to all those competing ……

Many Thanks

Kingfishers Committee

2018 Oct 28th Halloween Meet Results

Full Meet Results:

Full Highlighted Results for Scarborough Kingfishers

Results for Scarborough Kingfishers:

Results for Scarborough Kingfishers

Swimmer Results for Scarborough Kingfishers:

Swimmer Results for Scarborough Kingfishers

Swimming Club Scores:

Swimming Club Scores

Swimming, Teaching and Coaching in Scarborough – vote for us now in the Aviva Community Fund

We need your vote !! Please use the link below to cast your vote…….

Kingfishers Swimming club will be 40 years old in 2019, a registered charity solely run by a volunteer workforce of over 35 regular staff members, accredited to Swim England and with Swim Mark accreditation.
We are requesting financial support to help Kingfishers provide more aquatic opportunities to members both children and adults in the Scarborough area. Being a coastal town with the sea on our doorstep making sure that as many local children are good strong swimmers is vitally important. We would very much like to grow our membership, upskill our volunteer teaching and coaching team and provide events and equipment to maximise the potential they have. We are a fully inclusive club working with beginners, regional medallists, open water swimmers and triathletes competing at a national level alongside kids with hidden disabilities and adults who are returning to swimming to improve their fitness levels.

Kingfishers Qualify For North East Regional Short Course Championships

Kingfishers Swimming Club

Congratulations to our four Kingfisher swimmers who have achieved qualifying times for the annual North East Regional Short Course Championships to be held 3rd & 4th November at Ponds Forge. This is a fantastic achievement for our club & demonstrates that with hard work & dedication to training we can compete at a regional level with the big city clubs.

Qualifying Swimmers:

Joseph Benson – 50m Fly (35.12)

Eliza Hammond – 50m Free (30.87)

Thomas Eblett – 50m Fly (37.10) & 400m Free (5:33.37)

Isobel Vasey – 50m Breast (41.10) & 100m Breast (1:30.32)

Good luck & well done to our swimmers & coaching team.