Kingfishers Triathlon Section

Kingfishers offers pool training and open water training. Swim training for triathlon is similar to normal club training, except concentrating more on front crawl and on building confidence and stamina, to emerge from the water relaxed and ready to go onto the next discipline.

Masters swimming is particularly popular amongst older swimmers as many triathletes are good cyclists or runners but are less confident in water.  Any training which aids the triathlete to emerge from the water in a positive way is a useful tool – with many concentrating on technique in the winter months.  Swimming is the most technical element of Triathlon where technique can make a big difference and influence the rest of the race.

The poolside is where the process can begin …

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Kingfishers Triathlon Team

Kingfishers Triathlon Team was created by a small group of keen Triathletes within Masters to support and encourage each other for events and to help grow interest within the Club. There are many local Triathlons for novices and the more experienced.  Driffield has a very good Children’s Triathlon where getting a taste of the sport can be useful before spending a lot of money on equipment. Go Tri by British Triathlon also encourage novice triathletes to have a taste of the sport within a safe environment and lots of support. Local Go Tri events are held at Dalby Forest, Thirsk and Leeds.  Many events can be found on the British Triathlon website search.

Now the club has settled into Scarborough Sports Village, members will be able to develop further with practice transitions, spinning and some land training.

Triathlon season includes Kingfishers Triathletes representing the club at sprint (400m/20km/5km), standard (750 or 1500/40km/10km and middle distance (1,900m/56 miles and 13.1 miles).

Recent Representations

The club were represented at Driffield and at Outlaw Half Ironman in Nottingham and have had Age Group Triathletes at International events and one competing in the World Championships at Rotterdam in late 2017. Kingfishers was well represented in 2016 at Leeds ITU event at Standard Distance, and will be again in 2017, competitors followed a very close route to the elite field including the Brownlee Brothers.

Triathlon is becoming a very popular sport with a range of ages and ability taking on the multiple stage competition.

Elements of Triathlon

There are 4 elements to Triathlon, Swim/Bike/ Run and Transition. The swim can be an Indoor Pool Swim or Open Water (lakes, rivers or sea).  The range of distances for adults is usually up to 400m for an indoor swim and anywhere up to 2.4 miles for an outdoor swim.  Outdoor swims are normally in wetsuit unless the water temperature is over 22 degrees.

Cycle distances can be anywhere from 20km to 180km, usually on open roads, therefore safety becomes paramount.  Cycle helmets are compulsory and often bike checks will be carried out before entry to the transition area.  A good working knowledge of the Highway Code is essential as marshals are not allowed to stop traffic. Competitors can use a variety of bike styles depending on the event and the nature of the route.

Run distances also vary from 1.5km to 26.2 miles.  These can be on road or off road or also a mixture of both.

Transition is known as the 4th discipline in Triathlon, BTF rules will apply to various aspects of Transition, but usually it is the purpose of a quick change and onto the next portion of the race.

Triathlon For Children

Children have special age specific distances:

:: Tristars Start (age 8) 50m pool swim or 100m open water/800m grass cycle or 1500m tarmac cycle/ 600m run
:: Tristars 1 (age 9-10) 150m pool or 200m open water/2km grass or 4km tarmac cycle/1200m run
:: Tristars 2 (age 11-12) 200m pool or 300m open water/4km grass or 6km tarmac cycle/ 1800m run
:: Tristars 3 (age 13-14) 300m pool or 500m open water/6km grass or 8km tarmac cycle and 2400m run.

Beyond 14yrs the next step would be a super sprint triathlon usually open to age 15 and above.

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