KUHSC Hull Gala – The Richardson Short Course 2021 – Final Meet Information (10th/11th & 12th December)

KUHSC Hull Swimming Gala  – Important Final Meet Information

Venue: Ennerdale Leisure Centre Hull, Sutton Rd, Hull HU7 6EA



This weekend we have the Richardson Short Course gala at Hull – Friday 10th/11th/12th December. Please be aware that this event will be very busy & Covid restrictions will be required to be followed as applicable by all. We do not have any swimmers for the Friday evening so we will only attend Saturday & Sunday.

Swimmers: Please meet at the pool at 7:30am – 7:45am warm up starts at 8:00am Saturday & Sunday. As normal please be pool ready & don’t forget plenty of drinks & snacks……

Poolside Team Saturday: Mike Draper, Kev Hope & Charlotte Adams

Poolside Team Sunday: Mike Draper, Zoey Naylor & Jack Naylor


The Richardson Short Course  2021 meet information as follows:

Friday 10th, 11th and 12thDecember 2021 

It is KUHSC responsibility to ensure we operate safely. 

The following guidance has been put together after discussions with Hull Culture and Leisure and Swim England. 

KUHSC have now had confirmation from Hull Culture and Leisure, to the maximum capacity of spectators for our Open Meet in October. 




Prior to the gala 

Firstly, we ask that everyone attending does a lateral flow test before the gala (either the evening before or in the morning before the gala). If you test positive or develop any Covid symptoms, please follow Government guidelines. 

Friday 10thDecember  2021 

There will be a limit of 2 spectators per family.  

Saturday 11th December and Sunday 12th December 2021  

There will be a limit of one spectator per family, extra tickets may be available on the day (although no guarantee) and these will be distributed fairly, to the clubs attending.  

On arrival at the pool – swimmers will be allowed to enter first 

Parents/guardians must queue outside from the bottom of the steps at the Ennerdale entrance – maintaining social distancing at all times  

Car park 

  • Maintain social distancing in the car park  
  • Avoid congregating at all times  
  • Maintain social distancing when leaving and entering the car park – keep in family groups

Facility entrance and reception area 

  • Social distancing in queue – family groups to keep together  
  • We advise masks to be worn in public areas – on entry and in corridors 
  • Bring exact change to pay/pay by card (£3 entry Friday evening and £6 on Saturday and Sunday, programs £4).  
  • Use hand sanitiser on entry and as needed thereafter. 
  • Go straight to the spectators  gallery/pool side – no lingering in corridors/entrance  
  • Parents / spectators must remain in the spectators area at all times unless entering/leaving the building/ using the toilets  
  • We would advise spectators to wear masks.  
  • Family groups to stay seated together leaving a seat between families – masks may be worn but it is not compulsory  
  • Please leave the facility promptly on departure. 

Changing rooms 

 Athletes to arrive beach ready/in costume ready to swim. 

  • Minimize use of changing rooms 
  • No parents must enter changing rooms   
  • Swimmers must be prompt in the changing rooms if they need to use them   
  • All members to keep following coronavirus advice including 
  • regular handwashing 
  • social distancing 
  • wearing a face covering where recommended 

 Athletes to leave straight from poolside and not change where possible – swimmers will be directed to leave via the changing rooms or straight from the poolside via the stairs. Showers will not be available to use. 


  • Social distancing protocols to be followed at all times 
  • Clubs to sit in designated areas with coach – swimmers will be directed to their squad seating area on arrival. 
  • Club groups to be maintained in between heats and events  
  • Swimmers will be sent for heats, one heat at a time as directed by coach/announcer 

During the gala 

 Social  distancing protocols – clubs to stay together – no mixing of clubs on poolside/in changing rooms 

  • Masks maybe removed in spectator gallery, although at this time we would advise people to wear them.  
  • Swimmers/Officials /marshals to use hand sanitizer regularly/ when required 
  • Timekeepers / officials to get own water and use hand sanitizer before and after taking a bottle 
  • Over the top starts will be used and swimmers to leave pool on spectators side to walk back to their club seating area 
  • Pre and post pool exercise are not allowed on poolside 
  • Results will not be displayed in the building – they will be available online 
  • Medals will be distributed to the clubs, after results are published online.  

Hygiene Measures 

  • Covid-19 Risk Assessment to be shared with the club for all parents/members to read  
  • Completion of Return to Competition screening survey for every swimmer 
  • Parents and Coaches to advise swimmers to follow protocols set out in the risk assessment  
  • All members to keep following coronavirus advice including: 
  • Regular handwashing 
  • Social distancing 
  • Wear a face covering where recommended – public areas – corridors/toilets and entrance hall  


  •  Swimmers must bring as little as possible and keep all their belongings together 
  • Cleaning protocols – 
  • Hand sanitizer to be used when required 
  • No equipment to be shared including stop watches/ pens/clipboards 
  • All equipment to be wiped down at the end of each session and hand sanitizer used when required. 


  •  Leave the building promptly and use the hand sanitizer 
  • Wait outside for your swimmer  
  • Social distancing is required at all times – inside and outside  






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