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Important Beverley Gala Start Times Amended – Please Read & Share

Update of start times for the Beverley County Qualifier (all warm ups are to start 30min earlier than advertised due to additional Covid cleaning regimes.


Dear all,

Apologies for the late notice but we have been advised by the venue that it will be necessary for our sessions to start 30 minutes earlier than planned on Saturday 18th September 2021 in order to accommodate full cleaning regimes.
Session 1 – Boys will now warm up 1.30pm to 1.55pm, Girls 1.55pm to 2.20pm with a start time of 2.30pm
For session 2 – Boys will now warm up 5.30pm to 5.55pm and Girls 5.55pm to 6.20pm with a start time of 6.30pm.
This will be confirmed in the program that will be circulated next week but would be grateful if you could advise all your members who are due to attend this meet.
Emma Appleton
Competitions Secretary
Beverley Barracudas

Latest Update – Beverley County Qualifier Kingfisher Entries & Times (18th & 19th September)

Beverley County Qualifier Kingfisher Entries & Times

Hello everyone please find details below of our swimmers entries & times for the Beverley County Qualifier (Sat 18th & Sun 19th September). Details of the poolside team will be communicated once we have confirmation from our coaching team.

Please advise Shaun Vasey any times that may need updating as level X times may not have been uploaded into the database before Tuesday evening.

Meet details & event time table can be found by following link below:

Please read the important email extract from the meet organizer below for spectator ticket allocation information –

Dear all,

The Club has been receiving a lot of communication about spectator tickets for our gala next weekend.  We have been unable to sell tickets in advance given the uncertainty of the impact of Covid and potential restrictions.  At present, the Club is expecting to be able to accommodate spectators at the venue next weekend although you will appreciate that Covid remains a fluid situation. 

Spectator tickets will be issued on a first come first served basis subject to the maximum seated venue capacity of 240.  This is likely to mean in view of the number of swimmers per session (especially on the Saturday) that we cannot guarantee a seat to all that attend and we may be required to impose a restriction on the maximum number of tickets issued per family.  

Tickets will also only be issued per session (afternoon & evening of each day).  There will be no all day tickets available in order to accommodate full cleaning of the spectator area, but this will not affect the original discounted price offered to those spectators who attend both sessions on the production of a wristband from the earlier session of that same day.  

We would ask that you communicate this to your members and ask that they consider limiting the number of potential spectators attending to avoid any disappointment on the day.  We appreciate that everyone is really keen to see swimmers back in the pool and we are fortunate to be able to offer the opportunity in these post Covid times but would appreciate everyone’s assistance in ensuring that this can happen.

We will be sending a program and further meet information to you by email next week for you to forward to all your members who will be attending.

We look forward to meeting with you all for a great weekend of swimming.


Emma Appleton

Competitions Secretary

Beverley Barracudas


Be Active Together Family Event – Sunday 26th Sept 11am-3pm

Swimming Restart – Monday 6th September

Welcome back to our swimmers, parents and carers.

As we are all aware the government changed the ruling on face coverings, social distancing and isolation; the mitigation measures that have helped keep swimmers and volunteers safe in these difficult times.

The current Swim England advice for clubs is to continue with the good practice that clubs have had in place since the first lockdown.

The committee met on 2nd September and agreed that our duty of care must remain for our many volunteers and swimmers, therefore our procedures that are in place for swimmers will continue (as advised in the Parent Swimmer booklet April 2021).

  • Wait outside the building
  • Club official will let you in 5 minutes before the session is due to start
  • Wear a face covering when inside the building
  • Arrive beach style ready
  • Put clothes on over swimwear while poolside after swim session
  • Leave via the poolside fire exit

The balcony will now be open at every session.

However, the committee are putting in place some mitigating measures to reduce the risk that this may pose and we ask for our members / parents support to ensure we can safely keep the balcony open. In an ever changing world, if the committee feel that the Covid situation in our local area increases to a point that we need to reduce risk further, then the balcony may close and we will revert back to parents of children 8 years and under only

The measures below have been put in place before and we know this worked so we are asking all of our members and parents to support the club in following these:

  • If you want to watch your child swimming, we are asking that only 1 adult accompanies each swimmer and where possible non swimming siblings do not attend. If this causes a child care issue please let the club know via email
  • We advise you wear a face covering while on the balcony. Please respect each others decision with this.
  • Please allow space between yourself and others on the balcony
  • One way system is in operation – enter normal door and exit via the far end of the balcony. Please ensure you do this to avoid congestion in the reception area. This is a club request not Everyone Active.
  • No lingering, at the end of the session please exit via the far end of the balcony and head outside to swimmer collection point.

Kingfishers has so far had a successful and safe return to the pool for our members and volunteers. Through careful planning and everyone involved following our club rules we have not had any covid transmission in the club. It was only at the very end of the summer term that we had to isolate lanes due to swimmers testing positive through transmission outside of swimming.

Our club Covid Lead is Vicky Gough. She can be contacted on email .

At each training session there will be a Covid Link person from the Club Committee or bank of DBS cleared volunteers who will be monitoring that procedures are followed. All involved in the club have a collective responsibility.

Any problems will be communicated back to the Covid Lead who can address these and communicate where necessary with Everyone Active and the rest of the club.

Further advice on returning to swimming can be found on the Swim England Website here under guidance for users.

Current NHS guidance on self isolation can be found here

When to self-isolate and what to do – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS (

All members have been sent an email with a new link to the Swim England Health Survey that is to be completed online before your first session. Health Survey Link.


Vicky Gough


For assistance please contact:
Swim Manager and Accounts:

Level X Event – Sunday 13th July

Sunday 13th June

Level X event (as part of your / your child’s normal Sunday training session we will be giving our swimmers the opportunity to swim in this level X time trial.

As part of the risk assessment for this event please can all swimmers & volunteers read and follow the additional requirements that we are to put in place.for everyone s safety. Details below.

1.  Swimmers to keep face covering on when poolside / sat in their changing space

2. Volunteers to wear face covering where 2m+ can not be maintained e.g time keepers.

3.  All volunteers please ensure you have completed the Covid health form (Click link to form)

4.  Swimmers / volunteers, it is warm so please bring more to drink than you think you would normally need.

Good luck everyone swim well…..
Thank you

Kingfishers Level X Swimming – Sunday 13th June & Sunday 27th June

Kingfishers Level X Swimming – Sunday 13th June & Sunday 27th June

Top Squad Junior, Senior & Development 5pm – 7pm session

We are running a Level X Swimming time trial this Sunday 13th June & Sunday 27th June all swimmers in the development & top squads will be given the opportunity to race against the clock to achieve a personal best time. Normal swimming will resume at the completion of the level X session. The session will be held under Swim England rules.

The times that any of our CAT 2 competitive swimmers achieve will be uploaded into the Swim England database & County Qualifying times can be achieved. For CAT 1 swimmers your times will only be recorded in the club records & not in the Swim England database.

The first session on Sunday 13th June will allow swimmers to swim the following two events:

  • 100m Butterfly
  • 100m Backstroke

The second session on Sunday 27th June will allow swimmers to swim the following two events:

  • 100m Freestyle
  • 100m Breaststroke

Masters 4pm – 5pm

All masters will also be given the opportunity to swim Level X. The head coach will agree the events with yourselves.

Development sessions 4pm – 5pm

These will be run as normal sessions.

For swimmers looking for qualification times for the 50m events we have entered the Beverley Meet.

If all goes well with the 100m level X events we may try and schedule some more events before the window closes in August.

Volunteer Officials:

We will require all officials (timekeepers) to be at the 4pm session for a briefing & we will run a trial session with the masters.

Please can everyone who has greed o support please confirm that they are still available.


Many thanks


Update – Beverley County Qualifier (17/07/2021)

Update – Beverley County Qualifier (17/07/2021)

After a few issues/learning opportunities making this meet available through Swim Manager I believe we have now managed to correct our earlier access issues.

Please note all swimmers who have sent their entries to date to Shaun Vasey by email have manually been entered as prior meets.

Entries to date:

1454320 Charles Brown
145431 Harry Brown
1335485 Callie Hammond
963737 Eliza Hammond
1206017 Laila Hammond
1265281 Lucy Milburn
140536 Emily Millican
1145603 Isobel Vasey
1206015 Alicia Walls

Can I ask that all other entries be made using the Swim Manager Portal or through the email link. The new link file should be named

2021 Barracudas’ County Qualifier

The old link should now be closed and not working Barracudas’ County Qualifier

To enter log into your Swim Manager account and go to meets to make your selection. See screen shot below.


If you are experiencing any issues please get in touch & I will advise.

The meet will close to entries once full so please don’t delay making your entry as you may end up disappointed.

Many thanks

Shaun Vasey

Kingfishers Open Meet Secretary


Beverley Barracudas’ County Qualifier – Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th July 2021

Beverley Barracudas’ County Qualifier – Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th July 2021

Anyone wishing to enter this meet can now send their race entries to Shaun Vasey:

Please do not try to enter this event through Swim Manager as it isn’t working correctly !!!

This meet is still awaiting a Swim England license & will only take place Covid  restrictions allowing. No payments will be taken by Beverley until event confirmation is made.

Swimmers must also note that in these uncertain times swimmers are entering at their own risk.

Please follow the link below & make sure you send me your swimmers name, event selections asap. The event will be filled on a first come basis …….

2020 Christmas Raffle Draw Results – Kingfishers Swimming Club

Christmas Raffle Draw Results

Firstly can I thank everyone who has donated to the raffle. It was drawn tonight, and due to technical difficulties, we didn’t manage to live feed it….. Shaun has promised he will practice for next time. The draw was adjudicated by Brian de-Alker. We used a random number generator app on an iPhone to draw the numbers.

Thank you to our sponsors who donated prizes or money towards prizes these are : Our Co – £500, MKN Surveyors Ltd – £500, Becky Fox for the Body Shop Hamper, Dave Eves for the days gardening, Schneider Electricals for the vouchers, Tap & Spile, & Mrs Balloch, Eat Me Cafe.

Can I secondly thank everyone who has participated in the raffle, including my dad who seems to have spent my inheritance.

I am overwhelmed with the amount that has been raised which totals £2398

To the lucky winners I will contact you by text message, messenger or email to arrange a covid safe delivery.

DON’T WORRY I won’t be dressed up as Santa!

Kay – Fundraising Organiser.

Winners are :

1. iPad – Suzanne Eblet

2. Nintendo Switch – Reece Markham

3. Luxury Food Hamper – Karen Wade

4. 1 Years membership, kitbag and towel – Andrew Rennard

5. 1 Days Gardening by Dave Eves – Karen McCrory

6. Body Shop Hamper – Teresa Hargreaves

7. Sega Mega Drive – Jade Liley

8. £50 Love to Shop voucher – Debbie Fox

9. Hotel Chocolate and Prosecco – Gail Flinton

10. Hotel Chocolate and Prosecco (2) – Suzanne Eblet

11. Red Box Lindt Hamper – Sharon Griffin

12. Brown Box Lindt Hamper – Shannon Lewis

13. Tap n Spile Meal for 2 delivered to your door – Hannah Foster

14. £30 Go-Ape Voucher – Vickie Berriman

15. £30 Eat me Café Voucher – Maddie Adams

16. £25 Amazon Voucher – Claire Malthouse

17. Lego Harry Potter Voucher – Joanne Michilitus

18. Prosecco and Chocolates – Charlotte Adams

19. Puzzle and Snowman Cuddly Toy – Lyndsay Milburn

20. Haribo Selection Bag – Craig Sellars

Kingfishers Special Prize draw for selling tickets to folk outside the club – Charlotte Adams

Wishing you all a safe & magical christmas….

See you all 4th January 2021 when hopefully we will be swimming again


Swimming Update – Phase 4 (Monday 7th September) Phase 5 (Wednesday 7th October)

Swimming Update – Phase 4 (Monday 7th September)

                                     Phase 5 (Wednesday 7th October)

Our return to the pool plan involves , at present, 5 phases. The steps we have taken so far have been restricted to what Everyone Active have allowed us to do along with Swim England guidance. We have worked together with Everyone Active to get the club to this point and are thankful for their continued support.

Phase 4 starting week beginning Monday 7th September

This will include different squads (e.g. upper / lower development, club swimmers and masters) in back to back sessions, using single lanes.

This phase will be for swimmers who swim lengths only. 

You will return to your normal sessions but some sessions have a time adjustment.


Now starting half hour earlier so either 6.30am instead of 7am start or 7.30am start instead of 8am


Same timings as before lockdown either 4pm or 5pm start


Same timings as before lockdown 6.30pm start

Wednesday club night lengths only  Same timings from 7pm onwards.

If you’re in top squad and start secondary school in September your session will be 8pm til 9pm

Phase 5 Wednesday 7th October will be the return of widths 6.30pm til 7pm. 

This phase is the hardest to maintain social distancing in the pool so needs to be planned carefully. We also will have only one session available not two like we had pre lockdown. If you accessed Wednesday widths and a lengths session at a different session your sessions will start in October.

However if we feel we need to put in extra steps we will do to ensure the safety of all. The addition of each squad is risk assessed to manage and monitor impact.

If you don’t feel ready to return to the pool just yet that is not a problem. All we ask is you let us know so we are aware of pool space for when you are ready to return.

We are also limited by how many swimmers we can have in the pool to ensure social distancing is maintained. Please only attend the same sessions you had attended previously ( or the equivalent session time) as this is what our numbers have been based on.

All times and sessions are subject to change in this covid world we are now part of.

Apologies this is taking time but we have to follow Swim England guidance and ensure the process is managed carefully and safely.

You will also be asked to complete a Health Survey and Return to Swim declaration for the swimmer before they can return. If this is not complete the swimmer will not be allowed to swim.

You will soon receive an email with log in details to Swim Manager were you will be asked to confirm emergency contact and medical details.

Any further questions please do ask via email to

Please don’t post swimmer details on the Facebook page (GDPR)

Thank you for your continued support.

Vicky Gough


Kingfishers Swimming Club