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URGENT – YSA Championships Ticket Problems

URGENT – YSA Championships Ticket Problems

We are aware that there has been a problem with the Ticket Purchase System this morning and Tickets may have been issued for the incorrect day.
Our Software provider is working on the System and we will be in contact with all those affected in due course.
Barry J SaundersCompetition Planning Lead.Swim England Swimming Leadership GroupSwimming ManagerSwim England North East RegionEmail: Entries Administrator,British Swimming/Swim England.Email: national.entries@swimming.orgTel: 01937 522481 Mob: 07850 944364Email:

Yorkshire Championships Swimming Entry Checker – Please check your races

Kingfishers Yorkshire Entries – Swimmers please check your entries here…


IMPORTANT – YSA Championships 2022 Session and Ticket Information

IMPORTANT – YSA Championships 2022 Session and Ticket Information

All entries for the Yorkshire Championships have been accepted.

Session Information is below together with details of Spectator Ticket Sales for the events at Leeds & Sheffield.

Swimming Championships (50m) 2022

Entries have now closed for the Championships (50m) 2022, which are scheduled to take place at the John Charles Centre for Sport, Leeds on 5th, 6th, 12th & 13th February and Ponds Forge International Sports Centre, Sheffield on 26th & 27th February 2022. All entries have been accepted.
Session Start times are as follows:
Saturday 5th February: 9am & 2-30pm (Warm Up 8am & 1-30pm)
Sunday 6th February: 9am & 2pm (Warm Up 8am & 1pm)
Saturday 12th February: 9am & 2-30pm (Warm Up 8am & 1-30pm)
Sunday 13th February: 9am & 2-30pm (Warm Up 8am & 1-30pm)
Saturday 26th February: 9am & 2pm (Warm Up 8am & 1pm)
Sunday 27th February: 8-30am – Mixed Sex 800m Freestyle (Warm Up 8am)
Further details will be issued regarding the Start times of the Team Events after entries close.
A capacity limit has been set for the John Charles Centre for Sport and Ponds Forge International Sports Centre so we will be pre-selling Spectators tickets, as we did for the Winter Competitions in 2021.
Purchase of tickets will be via an online system with tickets being sold on a first come/first served basis until the capacity is reached. We will not be selling tickets at the venue.
Tickets are priced at £10 per day, which entitles one person entry to the Spectator Gallery at any one time to spectate at the event. Where a swimmer is only competing in one session, or event, the ticket may be shared so that another person can attend for the remaining part of the session/day.
Applicants will only be able to purchase one ticket for each day.
There will be no concessions except one child under 5 will be admitted when accompanying a ticket holder.
Tickets will be available from 9am on Friday 21st January 2022
It must be understood that even though Spectators are in possession of a ticket they will be required to comply with the Covid restrictions that are in force at the time. This may include providing evidence of a Covid Pass or Negative test before they are allowed into the building.
We welcome offers of help from technical officials at all our events. If you are able to assist us for any of the sessions please contact our Officials Coordinator, email address
Final details will be distributed nearer the time. The current Covid restrictions are due to be reviewed on 26th January 2022
Regards & Thanks
Barry J SaundersSwimming Secretary
Yorkshire Swimming Association
Competition Planning Lead.Swim England Swimming Leadership GroupSwimming ManagerSwim England North East 01937 522481 Mob: 07850 944364Email:

Kingfishers SC Yorkshire Championships February Qualified Swimmers

Kingfishers SC Yorkshire Qualified Swimmers

The following swimmers have achieved qualification times for the Yorkshire Championships.

Please can you advise Shaun Vasey before Monday 10th January if you want to enter. Please advise your race selection if not wanting to enter all events.

This meet will take place over 4 weekends at Leeds & Sheffield so please check & review which weekends your races are taking place when making your selections.




Please find below link for Yorkshire Meet details & conditions.

Race Schedule & Location

Yorkshire Swimming Association Swimming Championships Conditions 2022

The organisation of the Swimming Championships shall be in the hands of the Yorkshire Swimming Associations Management Board with powers delegated to Swimming Secretary.
The Championships shall be held under the relevant FINA/Swim England Technical and Judicial
1. (a) The Championships shall be open to all bona fide members of Clubs affiliated to the Yorkshire Swimming Association and where required the relevant Entry Time. If a competitor is a member of than one affiliated club then the club he names on his first entry of the year shall be his declared club for that Championships. For the purpose of this rule, Swimming, Diving, Synchronized Swimming and Water Polo shall be considered separately. Entries will not be accepted from Local, Private, Youth or Schools’ Associations that consist of a group of clubs.
(b) For age group purposes a swimmer’s age is their age as on the 31st December 2022.
(c) Age groups are 10/11yrs, 12 yrs, 13yrs, 14yrs, 15yrs, 16yrs, 17 & over yrs for all events with the exception of the 800m & 1500m Freestyle and the 400m I.M. when there will be no events for 10/11yrs.
(d) Consolidated heats will be used.
(e) There will be a final for all ages and events with the exception of the 200m & 400m Events for swimmers under 14 years which will be Heat Declared Winner. The 800m & 1500m Freestyle events will be Heat Declared Winner for all age groups.
2. Entries
(a) Championship entries must be made by the relevant Club Official using the Online Entry System to download from the Web Site
(b) Entry Fees are required to be paid, before any entries can be accepted, on completion of the Online Entry Process.
(c) The entry fees are: Individual Entry: £5.00. Team Entry: £15.00.
(d) The Swimming Secretary has the authority to adjust the number of entries accepted to ensure the
smooth running of the Championships.
(e) Submitted entry times will be used for seeding and rejection purposes where necessary.
(f) 10 lanes will be used for both heats and finals.
3. Entry Standards
(a) Standard Entry Times (SET) are fixed annually for all individual events. A swimmer’s Entry Time must have been achieved no earlier than the 1st January 2020.
All times used for entry into the Championships must be verifiable on the British Rankings (Levels 1-4)
The Online Entry System will automatically download the current Ranked Time for each swim, converted for long course. The Club Official doing the entries will be unable to alter these times.
(b) Swimmers with a current Para Swimming Classification should email with full details of the events they wish to swim.
4. Awards
(a) Awards will be given to all swimmers placed 1st, 2nd & 3rd in a Final or Heat Declared Winner event.
(b) Pennants will be available for those swimmers placed 4th – 10th in an event.
5. Meet Procedure
(a) No Entry cards will be used in this gala. If a swimmer/team is not going to swim in a heat they must inform the Entry Manager of their intention to withdraw no later than 6pm on the Friday Evening for Saturday events and by 12noon on the Saturday for Sunday Events. Seeded Heat Start lists will be produced. Notifications should be sent to
(b) There shall be not less than 15 minutes interval between the last heat of any particular event and
the final of that event. After the heats, when there are two or more swimmers from the heats with the
same time for reserve place, there shall be no reserve in the final.
(c) Finalists including reserves who intend to withdraw must inform the Recorders no later than 15
minutes after the heat result has been published.
(d) No swimmer shall be allowed, under any circumstances, to swim for a ‘Time only’.2
6. Team Events
(a) Clubs may enter more than one team in any event. An individual swimmer may only swim for one team in a particular event. Where more than one team is from one particular club and competes in the same event then swimmers cannot interchange between teams in that event. Swimmers may enter in their own age group event plus the 13 & over event, if appropriate.
(b) Each competing Club shall submit a list of the names of its swimmers in each team, in swim order, to the Recorders no later than 30 minutes prior to the start time of the session in which the event takes place. If the individuals or swim order is changed for a final an amended list of swimmers shall be submitted prior to the start of the final.
7. (a) Team staff requiring access to the poolside must be in possession of a Pass issued by the Yorkshire S.A. These may be obtained via the Online Entry System – 2022 Fee: £15. This Pass covers all Championship Galas but not the Winter Competitions.
It is important that we know the names of each member who is issued with a poolside pass.
Poolside passes must be on display at all times. All Team Staff must have a current DBS Certificate and have undertaken a Safeguarding Course.
(b) Yorkshire Swimming Association will NOT be responsible for any unaccompanied swimmers on
the poolside. The responsibility falls on the club entering the swimmer.
8.(a) It is the intention of the Yorkshire Swimming Association to provide a Warm-up /Swim-down
facility at each of its Championships. These will be supervised by facility staff /warm-up marshals.
Swimmers using these facilities must follow any instructions issued by these supervisors. Clubs through their coaches /team managers will be held responsible for the behaviour/actions of their swimmers using these facilities.
(b) Photography – The rules and standing operating procedures (SOPs) of the facility where the Championships are being held must be observed.
9. (a) The Yorkshire S.A. Board/Swimming Management has the power to vary the Championship Conditions prior to an event closing date. Notice of any such variance, together with its date of operation, will be published on the YSA Website Supplementary Conditions (Para Swimming)
The general conditions for the Championships shall apply to the Para Swimming events except where varied by any of the following conditions:
• All competitors must have an authorized British Swimming or WPS Swimming classification,
which is held on the British Swimming classification database at the time of entry.
• All competitors must be registered as members of a swimming club affiliated to Swim England, Scottish Swimming Swim Wales at the time of entry.
• Para Swimmers will compete in their own age group as listed in Championship Conditions.
• Medals: Medals shall be awarded to the top three British Para-Swimming Point scorers in each event, irrespective of age. Medals shall be awarded during the relevant session that the event has taken place