Strokerite – Breastroke Swim Clinic

2 Breaststroke clinics in one day on Saturday 4th April 2020 at Queen Margaret’s School, Escrick Park, York YO19 6EU

Would you like to spend the day working with one of our International Swimming Coaches & watch technical demonstrations from an International swimmer?

We have a maximum of 5 swimmers/lane and our clinics include:

2 swim sessions working on technique drills, starts & turns with demonstrations from an international swimmer

1 dryland session covering warm up, stretching, injury prevention, strength & conditioning and core stability exercises

1 motivational workshop by a former international swimmer

Breaststroke clinic for swimmers aged 11-16 years from 10.00am-4.45pm only £70.00

Breaststroke clinic for swimmers aged 8-10 years from 10.00am-4.15pm only £55.00

There will also be time throughout the day for autographs and pictures with our guest international swimmers!

3 Maple Close, Market Weighton, York, YO43 3GT: Tel: 07732343469


Link to Application Form

2020 Easter Egg Tombola

 Kingfishers Easter Egg Tombola

The club will be holding their annual Easter fundraiser on club night Wednesday 1st April 6.30pm. This will take the form of the ever popular Easter egg tombola.

However the club do need donations of Easter eggs / treats for the tombola. These can be brought to the front desk on a club night over the next few weeks.

If anyone is able to approach their work place to request a donation it would be much appreciated. A promotional photo call in appreciation can be arranged. Any questions please see Kay Noble.

Raffle tickets for the large egg will be available nearer the time.

All funds raised go back into the club for the benefit of all the swimmers.

Thank you

Club Announcement

Colin Simmons:

As Chairman of Kingfishers S.C. It is my sad duty to announce the sudden and unexpected loss of our most dynamic, friendly, passionate, forward thinking, protective, funny, loyal, club life member, and the hardest working secretary any club could wish for,
Amanda Lee.
I can only guide you to all the tributes posted elsewhere on social media to emphasise and show how much Amanda is respected and loved.
The whole swimming club sends its heartfelt love and condolences to Alex and Katie.
We as a Club will support you two however we can.
I would ask all members, parents, prospective new swimmers and associates to bear with us as we try to take in the tremendous effect this has had on our club. It’s not a void that has been left, it’s a chasm.
We will endeavour to try to fill this as I know Amanda will expect nothing less than perfect.
Thank you Amanda and Phillip
With heartfelt love
Kingfishers Swimming Club.

Kingfishers Mentee Programme

Kingfishers Mentee Programme

What is it all about ?….

As a committee we have had questions regarding the mentee programme and how it works.

Well… the young adults who are mentee’s to your children are all experienced swimmers. They have dedicated years to the sport, competing, training and supporting peers, they have shown great passion for the sport of swimming. As a club we are fully inclusive and endeavour to support our (ex) swimmers in the routes they choose to follow, this is why the mentee programme was put in place, to support those wanting to follow the teaching/coaching pathway. Since the loss of the Learn to swim programme we have met some challenges, and the mentee programme has allowed us to support your children further, especially between 6-8pm on a Wednesday.

The mentees arrive early to meet with the coaches, they run through the set with them. The coaches are clear in the expectations of them and what they should expect from the swimmers. The mentees are then given time to ask any questions before the younger children arrive. There is always a coach watching each lane and the mentees are never left alone, they have access to a coach if they have questions or concerns. The coaches will intervene if there are any issues, this could be anything, the mentee’s may need more guidance, the swimmers in the lane may not be listening or not taking the mentee seriously, who at this point are their coaches. The coaches will always deal with any discipline issue. The coaches are in constant communication with the mentees, checking that all is ok, if something is spotted the coach will ask the mentee if they saw it and guide them in how to correct it. All of the mentees have swam, they have trained just as hard as the young swimmers are. They have all made mistakes with their swimming, they know how hard training can be at times. They all have a favourite stroke and a weak one, so who is best in relating to your child, sometime when a child is struggling looking up to someone closer in age is often the support they need. Communicating to them on a different level will aid understanding of the task at hand and the mentees support the swimmers with swimming jargon so as they move up the lanes they understand what the coach/teacher is asking them to do.

This programme is to support all, it encourages young swimmers, it supports older swimmer giving them more experience and confidence and it supports our couching team, who work hard, giving up their free time to train your children in a sport that we all love.

Many of the mentees are level 1 or 2 teachers, or are booked on to teaching courses this year. The ones that are under 16 will be looking at teaching courses once they have finished their GCSE’s.  We are trying to nurture them and encourage them, as these individuals, are the next wave of volunteers, teachers and coaches. Without these, clubs like ours would cease to exist.

Kingfishers Ridings Team Selection – Sat 18th Jan @ Home (EA Leisure Village) 1pm Meet

Kingfishers Ridings Team for 18th January.

At our home pool (EA Leisure Village). Please meet at pool for 13:00.(Please not dinner time gala)

Squad as below: Please let the coaches now you can/can’t attend



Full Club Swimming Restarts Wednesday 8th January (everyone).

Full Club Swimming Restarts Wednesday 8th January (everyone)..

The club fees for 2020 are in link below….
Yorkshire qualified swimmers will also need to advise Shaun Vasey that they wish to be entered & pay entry fees to front desk this Wednesday 8th (closing date for entry Thursday 9th Jan)

Hydration – Why is it Important ?

Hydration – Why is it Important ?

The link below will take you to a fact sheet that helps you to understand why hydration is important whilst training…..

SE Hydration Fact Sheet

Kingfishers Last Winter Club Night & Fun Gala – Wednesday 18th December !!

Kingfishers Last Winter Club Night & Fun Gala – Wednesday 18th December !!

On this Night we will be holding a fun gala for all members to enter.

There will be trophies presented to the winning team members.

The teams will be made up similar to last year event with older squad swimmers looking after the younger swimmers within their teams.

Events will be original & varied but most importantly  fun!!

Please register your child’s name on the front desk so that we can plan teams in advance …..


Yorkshire Qualified Swimmers Xmas Programme

There will also be some additional sessions over Xmas for swimmers with Yorkshire Championship qualifying times. This is in preparation for February’s 1st/2nd/8th/9th Yorkshire Championships.

Selection will be by invitation only, qualifying swimmers will be advised by the coaching team.


  • Monday 23rd December  – 6:30pm – 8:30pm

  • Saturday 28th December – 7am – 9am

  • Monday 30th December – 6:30pm – 8:30pm

  • Saturday 4th January – 7am – 9am

  • Monday 6th January – 6:30pm – 8:30pm

  • The charge per child will be £30 in total payable upfront.


All club swimmers will return on Wednesday 8th Jan

Club Night Fun Gala – Wed 18th Dec

Club Night Fun Gala – Wed 18th Dec

Please be reminded that this Wednesday 18th December will be a fun gala for all swimmers of all abilities.

Please arrive at 6pm & the teams will be selected from swimmers in attendance.

Senior swimmers will be allocated teams roles to look after the younger swimmers in their teams

We will require some poolside help especially 7 timekeepers will be needed. All help greatfully accepted.

Kev Hope is organising the events all will have a fun element of as in previous years….

Happy Xmas

The Commitee


Yorkshire Championships Qualified Swimmers – February 2020

Yorkshire Championships – February 2020

Spring Yorkshire Swimming Championships 2020 – 1/2 and 8/9 February at JCCS Leeds and 22 Feb ( 50m Sprints) at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

Congratulations to our qualified swimmers:



Closing date for entries is STRICTLY 10th January 2020!
( no late entries permitted, only qualifying swims/ swimmers can be entered) £5 per race.

Please advise Shaun Vasey asap if you wish to enter.

Congratulations to all the Kingfishers Swimming Club Members who have qualified for the County Championships ( ages are at 31/12/2020)

Any qualifying swims from the Scarborough Winter gala have been added to the list.

Link to meet details below: