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Covid Update @ 13/10/2020 (9pm)

Covid Update @ 13/10/2020 (9pm)

We have had 3 parents ( from same school) contact us this evening to let us know that their child is isolating due to contact with school staff who has tested positive for Covid and all 3 have said their should be more to contact us.
If this includes your child please can you email
so we can update our records & manage return dates.
A general reminder if your child is isolating they can not attend swimming sessions
Please note this isolation is due to contact with others, we have not had any cases linked to swimming.

Stay Safe & Well

Thank you for your support

The Commitee

All Swimmers – Covid Update @ 9/10/2020

Update 9/10/20:

With Covid infections rising rapidly in the local area we are requesting that our members assist in reducing our risk by taking the following increased measures:

Swimmers – Please can all swimmers consider wearing a mask on entering the building and leaving poolside. Masks to be removed before entering the water and put on again while swimmers change after the session and leaving the building. Masks to be put in swimmers bag not on the benches. Age and exemptions set out by the government may apply.
Balcony – Please can all coming into the building and going onto the balcony consider wearing a mask / face covering. Government exemptions may apply.
Parents / Guardians, please collect your child promptly from their session. This avoids any congestion of swimmers near the fire exit waiting for parents (reducing risk)
Useful link to goverment guidance:
Any questions / queries please email
Thank you for your continued support
Kingfishers Committee

Important – Returning Widths Swimmers @Wed 7th Oct 6.30pm

Returning Widths Swimmers @Wed 7th Oct 6.30pm


1. We understand some parents may be hesitant about their child returning to the pool but please email to let us know if your child is retuning or not.

2. If your child is returning, you will need to complete the covid health and declaration form and return to the above email address at least the day before they return so it can be processed. If no form is received then your child will be turned away at the pool.

3. Some widths swimmers also had a session in lengths on a weekend. For now, they will be returning to Wednesday session only to build up fitness. This will be reviewed during October.

4. Please ensure you log in to swim manager to confirm contact and medical details are correct.

5. Swimmers arrive beach style ready and leave with clothes on over their costume / trunks

6. Please remember we are only able to allow one parent to watch from the balcony & the wearing of face masks is compulsory. This is to help reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading. All social distancing must be maintained & current Covid-19 guidance followed whilst attending sessions.

Please do not forget…. HANDS – FACE – SPACE.


Thank you for your adherence & understanding

The Commitee

Important Covid-19 Guidance Update@26/9/2020

Covid-19 Guidance Update – Swimmers & Parents/Carers

Face Coverings:

Please be aware when attending our swimming sessions that it is now mandatory to wear face coverings on the balcony & inside the building unless carrying out activities.

Track & Trace:

NHS Test and Trace App is now live and Everyone Active Scarborough has a QR Code for the site as required by law.
We are encouraging all of our users to scan the QR Code displayed on the entry doors every session so NHS can successfully track and trace.

Useful Information…..

Please remember to adhere to the following :

1. Use a Facecovering when on the Balcony at the pool.

2. Download the NHS Covid 19 app and scan the QR code each time you enter the pool for Test and Trace; however this will not replace our current procedures.

3. Inform the Club if your child is ill.  We will be following the guidelines on the attached document which is a guide for swimmers. The ‘what to do if’ and ‘action needed’ section. For the club inform

For assistance please contact one of the following:
Swim Manager and accounts queries:


Covi-19 Support Guidance – ‘ what to do if’ and ‘action needed’

The document below has been adapted from guidance that was sent to schools and parents. The ‘ what to do if’ and ‘action needed’ sections are still the same for swimming. For the club you would inform







Thanks and stay safe!

Kingfishers Swimming Club

Notice to parents / guardians – Safeguarding children

Safeguarding children

At the end of your child / young person’s swimming session, club officials are supervising as the swimmers leave via the fire exit to ensure social distancing is maintained. Please ensure you are there to collect. The club is not responsible if your child needs to cross the carpark on their own.
The view of Swim England is that the club has a reasonable duty of care to their members, which extends to an awareness on the part of the club that their junior members have been collected, in so far as is possible, at the conclusion of a session, i.e. that a member is not left unsupervised if a parent/guardian is late. This has to be age appropriate, i.e. a 17-year-old is capable of getting themselves home, but a 12-year-old is not.
We are currently letting this play out at both the young person and parents discretion but we won’t hesitate to ask for written confirmation to release swimmers below the age of 18 if we feel we need to.
Thank you
KSC Committee

A Message From Our Club President

Welcome Back !Kingfishers Swimming Club

After weeks and months of planning last night we finally managed to get a significant number of swimmers back into the water and I would like to thank all those involved in our return to a new version of Club night.   Having worked hard to make this return as safe as possible for our members it was a pleasure to see the pool buzzing again.


Last night was also a test run for our volunteers to put into practice social distancing and training bubbles, comping track and trace lists and checking policies that Swim England and Everyone Active (the pool operator) have advised we implement.


We were grateful for your patience and help in getting the new returnees of ‘stage 4 return to swimming’ into the building.  Now that we have collated an accurate list of swimmers names for each session, these new attendance lists should help us to improve swimmers access into the building and through the bottleneck of reception more efficiently and quickly.


Without the aid of the ‘Sorting hat’ swimmers returned to their former ‘social bubbles / lanes’ with very few changes made to the groups since we last met in March.  At the end of each session swimmers were advised that they must return to the same groups next week and of necessity movement between groups must be limited and restricted and  swimmers will only be relocated to new lanes or groups at he discretion and direction of the Coach.


Thank you – parents, carers, swimmers, volunteers and Everyone Active employees for your patience and help last night, your help and understanding was greatly appreciated.


Yours in Swimming

Maureen Dickinson

President Kingfishers ASC

Returning to Swimming Guidance September 2020

Returning to Swimming Guidance September 2020

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Welcome back to our swimmers, parents and carers.

Outlined below is information regarding the procedures that have been put in place to ensure we can have a safe as possible return to the pool. The key message across all of the procedures is SOCIAL DISTANCING. There is signage in place around Scarborough Sports Village to remind us of this. As space within the building is limited,we are asking that only 1 adult accompanies each swimmer and were possible non swimming siblings do not attend. If this causes a child care issue please let the club know via email so we can let Everyone Active know of proposed numbers.

Our club Covid Lead is Vicky Gough.

At each training session there will be a Covid Link person from the Club Committee or bank of DBS cleared volunteers who is monitoring that procedures are followed. Any problems will be communicated back to the Covid Lead who can address these and communicate where necessary with Everyone Active.

Further advice on returning to swimming can be found on the Swim England Website here guidance for users.

Arrival / carpark

Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your session is due to start.

Please also make sure you arrive on time to your session. (If swimming at 6.30 on Monday arrive between 6.20-6.25) Swim England recommend you consider wearing a facial covering / face mask when travelling to and from the site and when entering the building. Please queue in the marked off area outside the building ensuring you are 2m apart from other swimmers / parents (using the disabled parking bays).

Swimmers will then be directed down to the pool by a member of the committee/volunteer.

Reception / entrance area

Social distancing floor markers are in place.


Please queue on the left-handside and only move forward when the next marker is available.

To enter the wetside / pool area each swimmer and their accompanying adult will need their own Everyone Active Cards as this is being used for Track and Trace.Initially one card per swimmer &adult(household) will be ok.

Everyone Active are responsible for the track and trace procedure for all facility users including spectators and their card entry system is being used for this. If you need a card, please contact Everyone Active and ensure it is allocated to each of the club sessions. Swimmers then go straight down to the changing village, escorted by Kingfishers coaches or Covid Link personnel, keeping to the left-handside of the stairs. Parents to go onto balcony (no parents are allowed down in the changing village)


One way system is in operation –enter normal door and exit via the far end of the balcony. Please follow the signage regarding social distancing on the balcony. Stickers will be placed on the seats to indicate which ones to use.

Changing village before training

Swimmers should arrive beach style ready (swim kit already on).

Please keep to the left (poolside) of the changing area. There are floor markings to support social distancing. When swimmers go poolside they will be guided to an available marked out area on the benches. Arriving beach style ready means having your costume / trunks on underneath your outer clothing. Outer clothing can be removed once in your numbered area on poolside. Swimmers should ensure that social distancing is followed in the changing village and when moving on poolside. These marked out areas are designed to ensure social distancing is maintained poolside (one swimmer to one numbered area). Once changed a member of the coaching team will then direct the swimmer to their assigned lane.

During training:

Swimmers should use their own equipment and avoid touching others equipment / kit bags. All kit should be named. Wet kit bags will need to be spaced out on poolside. Water bottles should be clearly labelled with swimmers name. Water bottles can not be filled while at the swimming pool so if a swimmer regularly needs to fill up their bottle they are advised to bring a 2nd drink. Social distancing should be followed in the pool. Coaches and poolside covid link person will remind swimmers.

Changing after training:

To minimise risk, we are asking swimmers to towel dry poolside and get dressed over costume / trunksand then shower at home. Once beach style changed poolside, we are asking swimmers to meet parents at the fire door to the left of the pool (as you look at it from the balcony), which is to the left of the bike shed outside.
Follow the path down and turn right towards the back of the building (staff car park)
A covid link personnel will support the transition to ensuresocial distancing is maintained, and all swimmers are collected safely.
Groups cannot gather in the reception area.
We appreciate that you may want to catch up with friends but please ensure you leave the building as soon as possible and catch up with your fellow swimmers / friends away from the building.
Coaching team and covid link volunteers will be around to support the transition between areas and also inform of any procedural changes.
Any questions please contact the Covid Lead at
Thank You
Vicky Gough – Secretary Club/COVID Lead
Colin Simmons – Club Chair
Debbie Fox – Covid Link

Invited Returning Swimmers – Important Action Required

Returning Swimmers – Important Action Required

Quick reminder if you are invited back to swim & don’t return via email, the completed health survey and declaration form your son / daughter will not be able to access the pool and will have to be turned away. This is a mandatory  covid prevention requirement & needs to be returned before turning up to swim.

Health Survey Document

If you are not intending to return please can you let the secretary know so spaces can be offered to others.

Thank you for your understanding

Club Members – Swim Manager your action is needed

Club Members – Swim Manager your action is needed…..

❗❗Action needed❗❗

Emails with log in details for swim manager were sent out on Wednesday. Please check your junk folder as it may have landed there.
However some failed to send so if you haven’t received your log in email please contact
Don’t post personal details on here (GDPR)
The club is now using Swim Manager to help in administering membership, payments and communications, as well as swim times (etc.), and would like to invite you to log in so you can start using the website to check your personal details and become familiar with it.
Swim Manager is designed to help swimming clubs like ours run more efficiently and manage records more effectively – and it will save us all time as well.
We will shortly start using the system for payments, meet entries, tracking attendance and swim time records – but first we need you to log in and check your membership details are correct! At this time ignore squad names as they may not be accurate.
It is particularly important to ensure your email, mobile number and medical records are always up to date.
Many thanks
Kingfishers SC

Swimming Update – Phase 4 (Monday 7th September) Phase 5 (Wednesday 7th October)

Swimming Update – Phase 4 (Monday 7th September)

                                     Phase 5 (Wednesday 7th October)

Our return to the pool plan involves , at present, 5 phases. The steps we have taken so far have been restricted to what Everyone Active have allowed us to do along with Swim England guidance. We have worked together with Everyone Active to get the club to this point and are thankful for their continued support.

Phase 4 starting week beginning Monday 7th September

This will include different squads (e.g. upper / lower development, club swimmers and masters) in back to back sessions, using single lanes.

This phase will be for swimmers who swim lengths only. 

You will return to your normal sessions but some sessions have a time adjustment.


Now starting half hour earlier so either 6.30am instead of 7am start or 7.30am start instead of 8am


Same timings as before lockdown either 4pm or 5pm start


Same timings as before lockdown 6.30pm start

Wednesday club night lengths only  Same timings from 7pm onwards.

If you’re in top squad and start secondary school in September your session will be 8pm til 9pm

Phase 5 Wednesday 7th October will be the return of widths 6.30pm til 7pm. 

This phase is the hardest to maintain social distancing in the pool so needs to be planned carefully. We also will have only one session available not two like we had pre lockdown. If you accessed Wednesday widths and a lengths session at a different session your sessions will start in October.

However if we feel we need to put in extra steps we will do to ensure the safety of all. The addition of each squad is risk assessed to manage and monitor impact.

If you don’t feel ready to return to the pool just yet that is not a problem. All we ask is you let us know so we are aware of pool space for when you are ready to return.

We are also limited by how many swimmers we can have in the pool to ensure social distancing is maintained. Please only attend the same sessions you had attended previously ( or the equivalent session time) as this is what our numbers have been based on.

All times and sessions are subject to change in this covid world we are now part of.

Apologies this is taking time but we have to follow Swim England guidance and ensure the process is managed carefully and safely.

You will also be asked to complete a Health Survey and Return to Swim declaration for the swimmer before they can return. If this is not complete the swimmer will not be allowed to swim.

You will soon receive an email with log in details to Swim Manager were you will be asked to confirm emergency contact and medical details.

Any further questions please do ask via email to

Please don’t post swimmer details on the Facebook page (GDPR)

Thank you for your continued support.

Vicky Gough


Kingfishers Swimming Club