Captains Corner

2020 Club Captains and Vice Captains are:

Captain – Holly Phillps

Vice Captains – Eliza Hammond, Joe Benson & Corey Tite

You can find below some useful advice on galas and race days such as our Club Championships and school Swim Gala Days written by Chloe, one of our former Club Captains!

It is important to be prepared, so below are some helpful hints.

1.    Know your races

  • What races are you entered for?
  • Arrive to the marshaling area in good time to line up for your race
  • Listen carefully to the team managers / coaches instructions

2.    Food / drinks

  • Bring plenty of drinks (NOT fizzy) and remember to drink little and often
  • With food I prefer jelly squares and small pieces of fruit (especially banana) for instant energy.
  • Try not to snack too much, wait until lunchtime and eat a meal.

3.    Pack your bag the night before

  • Kingfisher’s hat & a spare
  • Goggles – check the strap strength and pack a spare pair if you have them
  • Costumes / towel – one for each session
  • Tea bag / ‘T’ shirt. Always make sure you wear one of these between races.
  • Have an early night!

4.    Results

  • You will usually find your individual completed race times posted on the wall near the changing room doors – check to see if you have won a medal!


Finally …

once you are on the blocks, relax and enjoy your race

Good luck and swim hard


Club Captain’s Corner