Open Water

Kingfishers Open Water Base at North Yorkshire Water Park

From May to August Kingfishers Open Water Section train in the main activity lake at North Yorkshire Water Park, Wykeham Lakes.

Anyone who is a club member and can swim a mile competently is welcome to come the lake on a MONDAY night from 6:00 pm and join in. The weather cannot be guaranteed – or the water temperature – but the comradeship and sense of achievement can …

The section is led by Paula Ambury and a team of volunteers, and is supported by Scarborough and District Canoe Club members who supplement the safety boat numbers. The club provide a powered safety boat and kayaks and can loan all equipment including buoyancy aids for volunteers able to help provide cover at the lake.

The sessions bring in seasonal members and those training for Triathlon events (the club also has its own qualified Swim Teachers to advise and help members).

Paula as Open Water Lead for Kingfishers has successfully completed many seasons at Wykeham (which end with a fun night of competition, food and friendship as the sun sets over the lake on the final session).  Kingfishers Channel Relay team also train in the lake as well as in the sea – and club members may be invited (subject to ability and availability of space) to qualify for Castle Foot, Scalby Mills or Yorkshire Coast Swims, numbers and volunteers permitting!

Paula says, “I can absolutely guarantee when you get out of the session a feeling of accomplishment and a buzz factor you simply just don’t get in a pool – and it will have nothing to do with the weed down your costume or silt round your face!”

Swimmers also represent the club in British Long Distance Swimming Association (BLDSA) events nationally.  This is the governing body of this section of swimming and is a good source of reference to anyone looking for information on Long Distance swimming.  There is a link on the right of this page.

Anyone who can canoe and would like to volunteer can come along, the club has plenty of canoes and safety gear.  Training courses are also available through the Canoe Club.

If you are a lake and sea swimmer let us know!

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ALL swimmers need to be registered with the club to provide their details and  BEFORE attending their first swim.

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The Wykeham Lakes video at the top of this page is courtesy of Paul Atkinson of Yorkshire AP

The sea video below is courtesy of Hayley Scholes.