COVID-19 Guidance

Here you can find useful information for a safe and sustainable return to swimming after the March-July 2020 lock down.

The club is working with guidance from Swim England and is in discussions with Everyone Active in planning and implementing a safe return to water.

Updates will be issued via the club Facebook Group and website News section.

Read the Swim England User Guidance!

Swim England User Guidance – Return To The Pool – CLICK HERE FOR PDF

Return To Swimming Member Survey & Contact Point
Concerns? Advice? Assistance? Feedback?

In preparation for a return and in accordance with Swim England’s advice to clubs, we have established a Planning Group and prepared a short survey to help members with questions or concerns – which is live until 21 June 2020 (access below).

Note: You can email anytime if you or someone you know in the club has a question, wants to let us know something or needs assistance (including club welfare matters). Usually this will be to the Club Secretary for COVID-19 or general matters and the Welfare Officer for confidential welfare assistance. Email us at:, or

If you have already responded earlier this week – thank you, we have it! If not – please read on …

Not everyone has access to this group – but it is currently our largest single meeting space until we complete transfer of club records to Swim Manager … more about that another time … so please do share the link as we would normally within the club for those you know are not group members, or ask them to contact the Club Secretary.

The survey is completed outside Facebook in a club controlled survey account.

Your response will help us understand your concerns and whether you are able to come back when safe to do so, and assist us in planning a return to swimming in the pool with Swim England and Everyone Active.

Please reply as an individual swimmer/volunteer OR on behalf of a family including yourself as a parent/carer/swimmer/volunteer.
In other words we need just one response per individual Master/Open Water swimmer and one response if you swim AND have junior members.
Parent and child viewpoints in your answers are equally important to gather feedback.

Visit Facebook Group HERE


About the survey – in case you have any concerns before completing the survey please read the following – any questions (as above):
  • Purpose is to help the club understand concerns and your intentions about in returning to swimming
  • Information is being used to help the club plan a safe return
  • Survey is in response to Swim England guidance recommendations
  • Most members access the Facebook Group – and please tell others – share the link to the survey with those who might not see it
  • The club are moving records to digital currently and can’t easily use mass email in time for technical reasons this week
  • We don’t know who responds and their intentions without names! That’s why we ask
  • We can’t respond to individual concerns without your latest contact details
  • We don’t want the survey to be ‘open’ on our website as random spammers will respond
  • The survey is on a separate survey service,  similar to Survey Monkey, in an account administered by the club
  • The club administer the link shortening account which we are using for convenience.

Thank you for your time.

For an offline opportunity to ask questions or share concerns about returning please email the club at: