Membership & Fees

Annual Membership Fee

There is an annual membership fee of £100 for each swimmer payable upon joining, and thereafter in January – this payment is due on 1st January. With prior agreement from the membership team payment can be spread over 3 monthly payments but must be paid in full by 31st March.

Swim England Fees 

Swim England fees are due in January – every swimmer pays to ensure they are covered by the Swim England insurance to both train and/or compete.

Category 1 membership is included in your membership charge £15.05

Category 2 membership is at present £17.55 extra and is only for open meet swimmers (required to swim in licensed galas).  This charge is paid to club and then Kingfishers transfer to Swim England.

Category 3 membership is for volunteers and paid for by the club £10.55

Payment of Gala/Meet Entry Fees

All payments for entry to galas/meets will be required to be paid to the front desk on club nights or Open Meet Secretary  (Shaun Vasey)

Once an entry submission has been made you are committed to pay for your entries. In the event of withdrawal it may not be possible to cancel your commitment to pay. These are normal gala entry terms & refunds are made only at the discretion of the event organisers.

Payment of Swimming Session Fees

All session fees will now be taken as monthly paymentsto be paid on the 1st of each month. All members have been placed into squads by the teachers/coaches & the payment fees for each squad are below:-

Payments have been calculated over 46 swimming weeks. These are 11 monthly payments excluding August.

Squad Times Calculation Cost Per Month Reduction for regular attendance
W/LD1 1 session £3 x 46 ÷11 = £13.00
LD2/CLUB 2 sessions £6 x 46 ÷ 11 = £26.00
UD 4 hours £9 x 46 ÷ 11 = £39.00 only pay for 3 hours
TS 7 hours £15 x 46 ÷ 11 = £64.00 only pay for 5 hours
Masters T1 4 hours £9 x 46 ÷ 11 = £37.64 only pay for 3 hours
Masters T2 2 hours £6 x 46 ÷ 11 = £25.10

Please be aware of the Payment Policy which will be applied in the case of non/late payments: Payment Policy