Membership & Fees

2024 Annual Membership and Monthly Training Fees

Annual Membership is due on joining (pro-rated) and thereafter on 1st April annually

Note: Monthly training fees are not charged for periods of closure for public health reasons where the pool operator does not charge the club for cancellation of a booking.  Annual Membership is still due to maintain affiliation under Swim England rules and to enable the club to operate.

The club reserves the right to review charges and payment policies without notice.

Regular Club Member (Swimming – Club Train) – £100 (*)

Competing Member (Level X or Licensed Meets Only – Club Compete) – £122.50

Associate Member (Non Swimming – Club Support) – £15.00 (#)

Student Member (18+ Living Away) – £30.00

Open Water (April – August) – £45.00 (@)

* A family with three members will receive free membership for the third member. Training fees are still payable.

# Carries a voting right, non swimmers.

@ Enables access to pool sessions subject to training fee.

Payments and membership details are handled using Swim Manager and are usually collected by direct debit on 1st, monthly.  Bank transfer is also possible – when accessing invoices club bank details can be seen and then used to set up a transfer from your banking app/website.  Membership is an annual commitment.

Swimming membership includes Swim England Club Train fees.

The club is always happy to discuss support for swimmers on a case by case basis particularly during the current circumstances, but no payment or communication will mean membership and insurance will lapse.

Volunteers who are not swimming carry Associate Membership and the Club Support fee is covered by the club.

Members joining later in the year pay a reduced membership fee.

Members who join but are already members of another Swim England club do not pay again for Swim England affiliation, but do pay a reduced club membership fee.

Swim England Fees 

Swim England fees are due annually (or on first joining) and form part of your membership payment which every member pays to ensure they are covered by Swim England insurance to both train, volunteer and/or compete.  All category charges are paid by the club directly to Swim England and include Yorkshire Swimming Association and Swim England North East Region fees. In 2021 Swim England and the North East Region have both frozen their fees and there is no fee levied by Yorkshire Swimming Association.

Club Train (Cat 1) membership (included in club membership) is £15.95.

Club Compete (Cat 2) membership is £22.50 extra (i.e. total payable is £122.50 ) and this is only for open meet/Level X swimmers (i.e. required to swim in licensed galas). 

Club Support (Cat 3) membership is £11.50 (volunteers are not charged and their fee is paid by the club).

Payment of Gala/Meet Entry Fees

All payments for entry to galas/meets are invoiced through Swim Manager before entry deadlines in order for entries to be made.  Entries are not confirmed unless the event organiser accepts the entry and full payment in advance has been made.

Once an entry submission has been made you are committed to pay for your entries. In the event of withdrawal it may not be possible to cancel your commitment to pay.  These are normal gala entry terms and refunds are made only at the discretion of the event organisers, not the club.

Payment of Monthly Training Session Fees

Session fees are due monthly on the 1st of each month.  All members are attached to a payment plan based on the number of hours swimming by the coaching team:

There are 11 monthly payments excluding August.  The fee is based on 46 weeks swimming payable over 11 months excluding August.

Payment Plan Weekly Time Cost Per Month
Entry Development 30 mins (1x session) £20.00
1 Up to 1 hr £20.00
2 Up to 2 hrs £28.00
3 3 hrs £42.00
4 4 hrs £48.00
5 5 hrs £54.00
6 7 hrs £70.00
Masters Up to 4 hrs £25.00
Open Water 1 £45 Summer Season Pass or £3.00 /session

Please be aware of the Payment Policy which will be applied in the case of non/late payments:

Payment Policy

Club Transfers To Kingfishers

If you are transferring from another Swim England affiliated club to Kingfishers,  we need you to document the resignation from your old club so Kingfishers can become responsible for your Swim England Fees at next annual renewal – and you will then swim in Kingfishers name where an affiliation and insurance are required.  If you have paid Swim England fees this year, no further payment is requested on transfer – except if the Category of membership changes e.g. from Cat 1 to Cat 2 in order to access licensed meets etc.

Please complete the form below and return to:

Download: Swim England Previous Club Resignation Form