Just Learnt To Swim ….

Introducing and developing technique, skills, stamina and friendships in a club atmosphere …

Kingfishers Entry Development Squad helps your child transition from learn to swim classes into a welcoming club setting at junior level.

Sessions are led by qualified and experienced teachers and coaches, developing technique, skills and stamina (as well as friendships).

Entry Development Squad training is on Wednesdays (Club Night) with all the positive and encouraging atmosphere of Kingfishers, offering a 4 stage programme allowing development through different skills at your child’s own pace.  As they progress along the swim pathway additional sessions are available by invitation and are added to their training schedule as appropriate.

Swimming is as much about positive mental focus as physical ability and developing swimming skills in a club atmosphere brings many benefits to health, well being and state of mind – extending into other areas of everyday life and social skills as well.

You can approach us directly about spaces (see below) or if your child is in the Everyone Active Swim Scheme, they will periodically hold transition sessions with the club from their Stage 6 to 8 classes.

To ask a question, make an enquiry or contact us please click HERE.

Spaces are subject to trial, space availability, completion of membership process and payment of fees.  Availability of trials and spaces is subject to change without prior notice – which may be caused by events outside the club’s control for health and safety, technical or public health reasons.