Revised Pool Timetable

revised pool timetable

Spring Yorkshires Report

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Paige Cusworth, Ceri Boddy & Chloe Simmons
Paige Cusworth, Ceri Boddy & Chloe Simmons


The Spring Yorkshire Galas 

The winter of the 2010 swimming year had seen the Kingfishers S.C. going through a transition. The talented youngsters at the club were not yet old enough to compete in the Yorkshires (although a few already had the times to do so) and injury to swimmers had left this years attendance at the 50m Spring Yorkshire Championships down on the previous years. 

Gala 2 held at the John Charles Centre in South Leeds. On Saturday 26th February Chloe Simmons competed in the 11/15 yrs 200m Breastroke. Chloe achieved a personal best of 2.36.53 with a finishing place of 13th On the Sunday Chloe was joined by Louise Scupham for the Girls 11-15yrs Breastroke. Yet again the racing was fast and tough with both of the Kingfisher swimmers excelling. 13years old Louise swam a very creditable 1.30.78 to finish 22nd whilst Chloe PB’d at long course with 1.36.82 for a 19th place. Gala 3 The 50m Sprints – Ponds Forge – Sheffield The Spring Sprints are always the highlight of the swim year with parents. Quite often it’s the first swim at a large regional event that the younger swimmers will make. This year it was Euan Topley (50m freestyle) and Charlotte Morris (50m Fly) who made their debuts. Both swimmers were unfazed by the 50m pool and were determined to do well. Swimming in a large regional meet in an unfamiliar 50m poll can be intimidating, but both swimmers recorded good times and enjoyed the swims. In the 50m Breastroke Ceri Boddy (at her 2nd Yorkshires) achieved a top 20 finish with a time of 46.88 in the 10years old and Chloe Simmons 14th with 43.58 in the 11 year old race. Chloe also raced in the 50m backstroke with Paige Cusworth also in the 13year old event. Both competed well and came in at their entry times. 

Chloe Simmons, Euan Topley & Charlotte Morris
Chloe Simmons, Euan Topley & Charlotte Morris


It is worth pointing out that although Sheffield may seem a long way to go for just the one or two races that last under a minute, the experience gained for the swimmers is immeasurable. They are swimming in a pool where international stars compete, using the same starting blocks and swimming under the full set of Officials. The balconies are full with parents and spectators and before each race a giant scoreboard lights up with the 10 swimmers names who are competing in the heat. The camaraderie is immediately evident with all swimmers cheering there fellow club members on. Many swimmers kick on significantly after attending the Yorkshires and can see that their training regime is reaping rewards.  The race is on to get the times for the Autumn Yorkshires, so get to the Open Meets and get your qualifying times.

Ampleforth Swim Camp

DBS camp report april 2011

Ampleforth Swim Camp Swimmers

Kingfishers Storm Harrogate

Kingfishers have a storming Harrogate A & B gala.  Swimmers included Ceri Boddy, Savannah Snowball, Morgan Wilson, Chloe Simmons, Harriet Longley, Brandon Lino, Louise Scupham and Paige Cusworth.

The medal tally was impressive with:

1 speeding ticket, 3 Golds, 4 Silvers and 2 Bronze

Name Event Stroke Grade Time Place
Chloe Simmons 50m Breaststroke A 00.41.98 ST
Brandon Lino 50m Butterfly A 00.41.59 1
Ceri Boddy 50m Breaststroke A 00.45.99 1
Harriet Longley 50m Breaststroke B 00.46.90 1
Brandon Lino 200m Backstroke A 03.00.52 2
Louise Scupham 400m Freestyle A 04.59.53 2
Paige Cusworth 200m Backstroke B 02.54.88 2
Louise Scupham 200m Breaststroke A 03.05.16 2
Brandon Lino 50m Freestyle A 00.35.78 3
Morgan Wilson 50m Backstroke B 00.41.95 3
Chloe Simmons 100m Breaststroke A 01.35.50 4
Brandon Lino 50m Backstroke A 00.41.66 4
Brandon Lino 200m IM A 03.16.58 4
Ceri Boddy 200m Breaststroke A 03.38.17 5
Louise Scupham 200m Backstroke A 02.45.92 5
Paige Cusworth 50m Backstroke A 00.37.37 5
Ceri Boddy 200m IM A 03.17.49 5
Ceri Boddy 50m Backstroke B 00.44.59 5
Morgan Wilson 50m Breaststroke A 00.45.53 5
Louise Scupham 100m Backstroke B 01.20.42 5
Ceri Boddy 400m Freestyle A 06.07.44 6
Morgan Wilson 100m Freestyle B 01.20.42 6
Ceri Boddy 50m Freestyle A 00.36.89 7
Brandon Lino 200m Freestyle A 02.53.37 7
Chloe Simmons 100m Backstroke A 01.27.83 8
Harriet Longley 50m Backstroke A 00.40.06 9
Harriet Longley 50m Freestyle B 00.39.47 9
Harriet Longley 50m Butterfly B 00.46.92 9
Brandon Lino 50m Breaststroke B 00.53.15 9
Paige Cusworth 100m Backstroke B 01.21.19 9
Chloe Simmons 50m Backstroke A 00.40.09 10
Harriet Longley 100m Freestyle B 01.28.31 10
Harriet Longley 100m Breaststroke A 01.39.49 11
Morgan Wilson 100m Breaststroke A 01.39.87 12
Chloe Simmons 200m IM A 03.06.15 13
Chloe Simmons 200m Backstroke A 03.05.75 14
Morgan Wilson 50m Freestyle A 00.36.10 15
Paige Cusworth 50m Freestyle A 00.33.39 15
Savannah Snowball 50m Freestyle B 00.43.35 15
Chloe Simmons 50m Freestyle A 00.36.22 17
Savannah Snowball 50m Breaststroke B 00.54.88 19
Savannah Snowball 50m Backstroke B 00.52.30 28

Vicky Moore

Vicky Moor was a member of Kingfisher Swimming club some years ago. As a young swimmer, she preferred breaststroke above all other swimming strokes. Tragically on the 24th March 1986 aged just 13yrs old she died from Reyes Syndrome. Each year a gala is held in her memory.

Vicky Moore Gala

17th November 2010

Girls Winning Team:

Paige Cusworth, Emma Button, Georgina Hartley & Elly Coles

Boys Winning Team:

Sam Sedman, Connor Rutter, Mathew Stanley & Thomas Moran

Ridings Division 1 League


Ridings Division II League positions

Kingfishers Ridings Division 1 Team at Ryedale

Team PhotoOur swimmers line up for a team photo (click to enlarge) before a great display of team spirit in the first ridings division 1 clash with Thirsk White Horse, Whitby and Ryedale.
1st Thirsk White Horse           

136 pts           



125 pts           



120 pts           



85 pts

Kingfishers B&C gala results 2011

Another hugely successful Kingfishers B&C gala is over.  A big thank you to all the helpers who made this our best yet.

Our very own Morgan Wilson pictured holding her skins trophy with pride.. well done Morgan! And a well done to Evie Lawty who reached the final and Paige Cusworth who reached the semi final of the skins for the older age group. 

See the rest of the photographs in the B&C Gallery

Morgan Wilson with her skins trophy153 Swimmers

134 B grade swims

129 C grade swims.


175 Speeding Tickets

109 Golds

101 Silvers

92 Bronzes

38 4th Place

34 5th place

28 6th place

Full Results…..Complete Gala Results 2011

Ceri’s first visit to the Yorkshires!


Ceri Boddy at the Yorkshires

The 2010 Yorkshire Winter Championship Results: Winter Yorkshires 2010 report