Swimming Restart – Monday 6th Sept

Welcome back to our swimmers, parents and carers.

As we are all aware the government changed the ruling on face coverings, social distancing and isolation; the mitigation measures that have helped keep swimmers and volunteers safe in these difficult times.

The current Swim England advice for clubs is to continue with the good practice that clubs have had in place since the first lockdown.

The committee met on 2nd September and agreed that our duty of care must remain for our many volunteers and swimmers, therefore our procedures that are in place for swimmers will continue (as advised in the Parent Swimmer booklet April 2021).

  • Wait outside the building
  • Club official will let you in 5 minutes before the session is due to start
  • Wear a face covering when inside the building
  • Arrive beach style ready
  • Put clothes on over swimwear while poolside after swim session
  • Leave via the poolside fire exit

The balcony will now be open at every session.

However, the committee are putting in place some mitigating measures to reduce the risk that this may pose and we ask for our members / parents support to ensure we can safely keep the balcony open. In an ever changing world, if the committee feel that the Covid situation in our local area increases to a point that we need to reduce risk further, then the balcony may close and we will revert back to parents of children 8 years and under only

The measures below have been put in place before and we know this worked so we are asking all of our members and parents to support the club in following these:

  • If you want to watch your child swimming, we are asking that only 1 adult accompanies each swimmer and where possible non swimming siblings do not attend. If this causes a child care issue please let the club know via email secretary@kingfishersswimmingclub.org.uk
  • We advise you wear a face covering while on the balcony. Please respect each others decision with this.
  • Please allow space between yourself and others on the balcony
  • One way system is in operation – enter normal door and exit via the far end of the balcony. Please ensure you do this to avoid congestion in the reception area. This is a club request not Everyone Active.
  • No lingering, at the end of the session please exit via the far end of the balcony and head outside to swimmer collection point.

Kingfishers has so far had a successful and safe return to the pool for our members and volunteers. Through careful planning and everyone involved following our club rules we have not had any covid transmission in the club. It was only at the very end of the summer term that we had to isolate lanes due to swimmers testing positive through transmission outside of swimming.

Our club Covid Lead is Vicky Gough. She can be contacted on email secretary@kingfishersswimmingclub.org.uk .

At each training session there will be a Covid Link person from the Club Committee or bank of DBS cleared volunteers who will be monitoring that procedures are followed. All involved in the club have a collective responsibility.

Any problems will be communicated back to the Covid Lead who can address these and communicate where necessary with Everyone Active and the rest of the club.

Further advice on returning to swimming can be found on the Swim England Website here

https://www.swimming.org/swimengland/pool-return-guidance-documents/ under guidance for users.

Current NHS guidance on self isolation can be found here

When to self-isolate and what to do – Coronavirus (COVID-19) – NHS (www.nhs.uk)

All members have been sent an email with a new link to the Swim England Health Survey that is to be completed online before your first session.

https://bit.ly/HealthForms06Sept2021 Health Survey Link.


Vicky Gough


For assistance please contact:
Swim Manager and Accounts: admin@kingfishersswimmingclub.org.uk

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