Return To Swimming 12th April 2021

Parent and Swimmer Information April 2021

Welcome back to our swimmers, parents and carers. Please return to the same sessions you attended prior to lock-down. Just a quick reminder that Monday starts at 6pm; we managed one session at the new time before going into lock-down.

Outlined below is information regarding the procedures that have been put in place to ensure we can continue to have a safe as possible return to the pool. Can all parents / guardians please read through this even if you have done so before and where possible go through with your young person.

The key message across all of the procedures is HANDS FACE SPACE. There is signage in place around Scarborough Sports Village to remind us of this

Our club Covid Lead is Vicky Gough. She can be contacted by email on This is also the email address to use as a point of contact for contact tracing

At each training session there will be a Covid Link person from the Club Committee or bank of DBS cleared volunteers who is monitoring that procedures are followed. All involved in the club have a collective responsibility.

Any problems will be communicated back to the Covid Lead who can address these and communicate where necessary with Everyone Active and the rest of the club.

Further advice on returning to swimming can be found on the Swim England Website here guidance for users.

Please use the remaining days before returning to the pool to make sure your young person is able to put their hat and googles on independently. Due to transmission risk we are unable to assist in putting on hats / goggles so please help your young person by encouraging them to practice at home. If putting a swim hat on is a struggle, they should arrive with the swim hat on.

Please do not come to a training session if your child (swimmer), yourself, someone in the household or the person taking your child to and from the session is showing any possible symptoms

  • a high temperature –this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back
  • a new, continuous cough –this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or three or more coughing episodes in 24 hours
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

If any of the symptoms are shown please follow the government guidance on self-isolation.

The Swim England health survey that you completed electronically also includes diarrhea, vomiting and muscle aches (not associated with sport injury)and asks for a period of 7 days after recovery before commencing training.


Arrival / carpark

Please arrive no more than 10 minutes before your session is due to start. It is the parent / guardian’s responsibility to ensure the young person is safe and following the COVID-19measures while they are outside the building, the club is not responsible at this point.

You are advised to ensure your child / yourself as the swimmer are wearing suitable clothing for the weather as we are unable to allow swimmers in any earlier.

Please also make sure you arrive on time to your session i.e. If swimming at 6pm on Monday arrive between 5.50pm-5.55pm.

We are asking all swimmers to wear a face covering before and after training unless exempt under the government rules (age or medical). Please queue outside the building ensuring you are 2m apart from other swimmers / parents. When it is 5 minutes before a session is due to start, the swimmers will then be directed down to the pool by a member of the committee/volunteer having had their name checked against the list of forms returned


Reception / entrance area

Swimmers then go straight down to the changing village, escorted by Kingfishers coaches or Covid Link personnel, keeping to the left-hand side of the stairs.

If swimmers touch the hand rail going down the stairs they should use the hand sanitizer which is situated at the entrance to the changing village.

Spectators are only allowed for swimmers under 8 years old or if a swimmer has SEND. This should only be 1 parent / guardian per swimmer.

Any problems please contact the Covid Lead. Please ensure social distancing is followed on the balcony. Everyone Active display signage requesting for masks to be worn on the balcony (unless exemptions apply).

Changing village before training









Our young swimmers are reminded to follow social distancing rules and not gather with their friends. Some were starting to do this as soon as parents were out of sight and needed reminders from volunteers. If it becomes a persistent problem, unfortunately they will not be able to attend sessions until they agree to follow the rules.


Due to transmission risk, our volunteers and coaches are unable to assist swimmers with putting on their swim hat. If your young person finds this difficult, please ensure they arrive to the session with the hat already on.

When swimmers go poolside they will be guided to an available area on the benches. If a swimmer is wearing a face mask / covering they should keep it on until the last possible moment changing and then place it in a bag (not on the seating).

Arriving beach style ready means having your costume / trunks on underneath your outer clothing. Outer clothing can be removed once in your area on poolside.

Swimmers should ensure that social distancing is followed in the changing village and when moving on poolside. We know our swimmers like to be social and this aspect has always been and always will be, a part of Kingfishers. However, at the moment swimmers should be focusing on changing and getting into the pool and therefore further reducing transmission risk.

During training

Swimmers should use their own equipment and avoid touching others equipment / kit bags. All kit should be named. Wet kit bags will need to be spaced out on poolside.

For some sessions coaches ask for swimmers to take the kit they need out of their wet kitbag and leave the bag where they have changed.

Water bottles should be clearly labelled with swimmer’s name. Water bottles cannot be filled while at the swimming pool so if a swimmer regularly needs to fill up their bottle they are advised to bring a 2nd drink.

Social distancing should be followed in the pool e.g. not all swimmers will be able to move forward and get their drink or equipment at the same time.

If swimming lengths,the first swimmer will get to the wall, all other swimmers should stagger apart down the lane. This will mean that the last swimmer in the lane will not finish their set at the wall.

Coaches and poolside covid link person will remind swimmers.

Changing after training

To minimize risk, we are asking swimmers to towel dry poolside and get dressed over costume / trunks and then shower at home. As soon as possible when drying, swimmers should put on their face mask / covering.

Once beach style changed poolside, we are asking swimmers to meet parents at the fire door to the left of the pool, which is to the left of the bike shed outside

Follow the path down and turn right towards the back of the building (staff car park)

A covid link personnel will support the transition to ensure social distancing is maintained, and all swimmers are collected safely.

We are reminding parents to arrive promptly at the exit point to minimize congestion around the exit door. Please ensure you come to the exit point, we do not have enough volunteers to escort your child to your car / across the car park.

We appreciate that you may want to catch up with friends but please ensure you follow the latest government rules regarding groups / social gatherings.

Coaching team and covid link volunteers will be around to support the transition between areas within the building and also inform of any procedural changes.

Any questions please contact the Covid Lead at

Thank you

Vicky Gough – COVID Lead / Secretary

Colin Simmons – Club Chair

Debbie Fox – Covid Link

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