Notice to parents / guardians – Safeguarding children

Safeguarding children

At the end of your child / young person’s swimming session, club officials are supervising as the swimmers leave via the fire exit to ensure social distancing is maintained. Please ensure you are there to collect. The club is not responsible if your child needs to cross the carpark on their own.
The view of Swim England is that the club has a reasonable duty of care to their members, which extends to an awareness on the part of the club that their junior members have been collected, in so far as is possible, at the conclusion of a session, i.e. that a member is not left unsupervised if a parent/guardian is late. This has to be age appropriate, i.e. a 17-year-old is capable of getting themselves home, but a 12-year-old is not.
We are currently letting this play out at both the young person and parents discretion but we won’t hesitate to ask for written confirmation to release swimmers below the age of 18 if we feel we need to.
Thank you
KSC Committee

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