Meet the Committee Series 5

Here is the 5th installment in our Meet the committee series

Shaun Vasey

Q: What is your role(s) at the Club
A: Trustee/Committee Member, Open Meet Secretary, Poolside Volunteer, Team Manager, SE Judge, Web Site Publisher
Q: When and why did you join Kingfishers?
A: In 2013, as the parent of Izzy Vasey we wanted her to be able to swim so that we could enjoy cocktails around the pool whilst on holiday. Little did we know then what would follow. Initially Izzy started to swim with Scarborough Borough Council delivered lessons, but learning was frustratingly slow. We were recommended Kingfishers SC by a friend and after a trial session she was up and swimming within weeks. Many thanks to the hard work & teaching by Carly Atkinson & Dave Cracknell.
Q: How did you get involved and eventually join the Committee
A: I joined the committee in November 2017 after many months of been harassed, begged & press ganged by Amanda Lee…. At the time the club was struggling to get a balanced committee of pool & open water members (20/80% split). The lack of representation from indoor swimming led to frustration from parents on the balcony as there was no clear visibility/direction on what was happening in & around poolside.
“PUT UP OR SHUT UP” inspirational words of Amanda Lee! Liking a challenge & unable to shut up, that left me with only one option. I joined the committee. This put me in the inner sanctum, the lionesses’ den or the witch’s coven. I was fighting for my life LOL.
On a serious note looking back at the last four years I can safely say it was a good decision, there’s always a challenge, there’s always highs/lows, opportunity for self-development but more importantly the rewards of been able to help young swimmers develop whether your own or others makes it all worthwhile.
If you like any of the above or simply like to be tortured, why not put your name up for election & join our passionate team of volunteers who are all frantically swimming/paddling in the same direction….
Q: Are you a swimmer?
A: Yes, up until the age of 10 when I realised my true potential & achieved by mile badge. From there it was professional football for me…… Maybe I should have stuck with swimming! Alas the budgie smugglers no longer fit so you masters can sigh a gasp of relief.
Q: Occupation / favorite pastime / All-time hero
A: Senior manager at Schneider Electric, responsible for Industrial Engineering, Maintenance, Facilities, IT/Cyber Security & Apprentice training & development programme.
Favorite pastime: Football & any form of competitive sport.
All time hero: Daley Thompson – Twice Olympic decathlon gold medal winner (1980 & 1984) a true all-round athlete.
Q: What annoys you and what makes you happy about Kingfishers Swimming Club
A: What annoys me? Poolside politics internal & external bickering (Kingfishers or Scarborough). As with all competitive sports as parent’s, coaches, managers we all want the best for our own child/swimmer. Often in the quest to get the competitive edge for our child/swimmer we can all be guilty of losing focus on what really matters the child/swimmer. Only by all working together can we give the children the opportunity to reach their true potential.
What makes me happy – After been grumpy…. Hard work, teamwork, success & working together for the common goal.
Go Go Kingo’s

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