Meet the Committee series 3

Here is the third installment in our Meet the Committee Series3

Jon Cheshire

Q: What is your role(s) at the Club
A: Head Coach
Q: When and why did you join Kingfishers?
A: I joined Kingfishers in the 80s as a competitive swimmer and returned several years later as Head Coach
Q: How did you get involved and eventually join the Committee
A: As Head Coach I submit reports on a monthly basis to the committee, sit in during meetings and offer options/ opinions
Q: Are you a swimmer?
A: Rumour has it I can swim
Q: Occupation / favourite pastime / All time hero
A: Senior Duty Manager
A: music, films, sports, football, swimming, scootering
A: Al Pacino, Glen Hoddle, Paul Stanley
Q: What annoys you and what makes you happy about Kingfishers Swimming Club
A: At times the vision and reasons why we are involved in the club are over looked by issues that shouldn’t warrant people’s efforts
A: All the committee members volunteers helpers and coaches really care about the club and want to move forward.
A: See the swimmers hard work in training come to fruition with a PB or a fantastic swim. Happy smiling faces
The music and style of the Beatles has been a big influence on me over the years.
The old pool has been a massive part of my life. I learned to swim there, attended public sessions, swam, competed and coached, also worked there for a good few years. I probably spent more time in those four walls than anyone else over the years. Some fantastic memories

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