Meet the Committee Series 12

Here is the 12th and penultimate installment in our Meet the Committee series, our club chair

Colin Simmons

Q: What is your role(s) at the Club?
A: I’m very proud to be Club Chair, currently in my 2nd year.
Q: When and why did you join Kingfishers?
A: 2003. I was looking for a swimming club for my daughter Chloe to join and the club was recommended by Ginny Wilkinson, Chloe’s Pre school teacher. Chloe spent 2years as Club Captain.
Q: How did you get involved and eventually join the Committee?
A: Dave Cracknell identified me as a potential timekeeper, my first gig was a friendly gala at Whitby, then Team manager followed by joining the Committee, then various roles within the committee over the years
Q: Are you a swimmer?
A: I can swim, but lets leave it there!
Q: Occupation / favourite pastime / All time hero?
A: Driving Instructor / Sport / Outdoor activities – Fresh Air! / David Bowie / Mohammed Ali
Q: What annoys you and what makes you happy about Kingfishers Swimming Club?
A: I wish that all parents and carers would realise that we are only doing our best and instead of criticising from afar come closer and offer solutions.
Home Galas and club championships, when I see the fun that everyone is having while achieving personal and club goals.

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