Meet the Committee Series 12 + 1 (superstitious)

Here is the 12th plus 1 and final installment in our Meet the Committee series and we end the series with our Club President

Maureen Dickinson

We hope you have all enjoyed getting to know the committee a little better.

Q: What is your role(s) at the Club?
A: Club President and Swimming teacher
Q: When and why did you join Kingfishers?
A: 1976 when my daughter joined as a junior member
Q: How did you get involved and eventually join the Committee?
A: Sitting in the gallery wasn’t for me so I tackled any task that needed a volunteer, progressing through the ASA, RLSS and STA Teaching and coaching and Judging programs back in the 80’s and 90’s
I always tried to steer clear of joining the Committee because I spent so much of my time poolside, organising, and attending galas and as open water coach I was traveling with the team every weekend during the warmer months. However, when invited to become President of the Club the Privilege and honour was one, I could not refuse.
Q: Are you a swimmer?
A: I can swim and do when possible, had to complete RLSS water tests for teaching purposes and my claim to fame was a Castle Foot swim back in the day
Q: Occupation / favourite pastime / All time heroes?
A: Retired Dental Nurse and Tutor. I am a founder member of the Orthodontic National Group for Dental Nurses.
As a group we had a mountain to climb lobbying parliament to open the dentists act, this allowed us to formulate a career pathway for post qual specialist training, developing exams syllabus and format, for nurses and eventually therapists. I hated retirement I was suddenly without a fight or cause! So I became a volunteer at the hospice the gentle pace suits my new energy levels. Old age has nothing to recommend it apart from a head full of memories
Favourite pastime – after swimming!
Watching athletic sporting events – Open water training and Championship
Heroes after my family!
Mark Spitz, Adrian Moorhouse and more recently Adam Peaty
Q: What annoys you and what makes you happy about Kingfishers Swimming Club?
A: Annoys me? -Takers rather than givers and anyone who is not prepared to walk a year in our volunteers’ shoes.
Makes me Happy? – having the ability to share with and teach a child life changing and lifesaving skills and being a small part of their journey through the ranks of swimmers from beginners to pool-side helpers.
Kingfishers has been a significant part of mine and my family’s life for the past 45 years and has given us so many treasured experiences and memories. Plus the opportunity to work with and meet so many outstanding swimmers and families and forge so many rewarding friendships.

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