Meet the committee Series 1

In the first of our ‘Meet the committee’ series, we introduce Debbie Fox

Q:What is your role(s) at the Club
A: Committee member, poolside helper and parent
Q: When and why did you join Kingfishers?

A:2017? The lovely Alex Lee saw potential in Grace and recommended Kingfishers. She even came to the pool to support Grace in her trial. She soon went from 30 minutes to 7 hours in a blink of an eye. Now both my daughters swim with the club and I wouldn’t look back.

Q: How did you get involved and eventually join the Committee

A: When Grace started doing lots of galas I volunteered to help, made sence when I’m there anyway. Then Maureen Dickinson approached me and asked if I would be interested in joining the Committee. At the 2019 AGM I decided to put my name forward.

Q: Are you a swimmer?
A: No, but I would love to be. I dont like putting my head under water.
Q: Occupation / favourite pastime / All time hero
A: Teacher and 1 to 1 support teacher/ sport / My Mum.
Q: What annoys you and what makes you happy about Kingfishers Swimming Club
A: Annoys me that some parents/carers don’t see and realise the hard work of the committee and the coaches and how many hours/days/ months worth of work that they put in. Kingfishers is a family and it fills me with pride watching the young people swim and watching the support they have for each other not just at galas but during training as well.
The yellow rose is sentimental. Means alot to my family.

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