All Swimmers – Covid Update @ 9/10/2020

Update 9/10/20:

With Covid infections rising rapidly in the local area we are requesting that our members assist in reducing our risk by taking the following increased measures:

Swimmers – Please can all swimmers consider wearing a mask on entering the building and leaving poolside. Masks to be removed before entering the water and put on again while swimmers change after the session and leaving the building. Masks to be put in swimmers bag not on the benches. Age and exemptions set out by the government may apply.
Balcony – Please can all coming into the building and going onto the balcony consider wearing a mask / face covering. Government exemptions may apply.
Parents / Guardians, please collect your child promptly from their session. This avoids any congestion of swimmers near the fire exit waiting for parents (reducing risk)
Useful link to goverment guidance:
Any questions / queries please email
Thank you for your continued support
Kingfishers Committee

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