A Message From Our Club President – Maureen Dickinson

Kingfishers Swimming ClubHi Everyone,

What strange times we are living through and thank goodness we are still waking up each day to live through them.  For over 40 years my weeks have revolved around Kingfishers Swimming Club and I am having terrible withdrawal symptoms.

Our lives have literally been turned upside down and whilst the scientists struggle to learn more about this virus, we are adjusting and becoming used to a new kind of normal days.

So many changes around us are taking place. Family life has changed we cannot visit some of our close relatives, colleagues, school or college friends and team mates, and inevitably our priorities too are changing.  Some of us might be struggling with so many changes and our old priorities are shifting.

Our Kingfisher families are riding out this storm in many small boats.  When the storm has passed and we are able to pick up our swimming lives again, with whatever changes are made to keep us all safe, we will begin to deliver lessons and skill sets. We realise that there will be changes to our Kingfisher community and systems.

Via Microsoft Teams the committee are continuing to hold on line committee meetings, discussing how we can best manage change, Post Covid 19 preparations and are constantly looking for opportunities to help deliver our future.

One exciting development that your committee are working on whilst we are in lockdown is the use of Swim Manager Software. This software will help structure & manage our club by digitising all aspects of the club & will also offer many new features & opportunities for our members.

The following link will give an insight into how we plan to take the club forward & the new features that we will implement over the coming year:


Stay safe everyone and keep well during this long lockdown.  It’s only been a matter of months and children change so quickly, I hope that when we do get back in the water, I am still able to recognise and remember the names our younger width swimmers.  I sometimes struggle to remember what day of the week it is for they are very much all the same just now.

Yours in Swimming



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