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Date For The Diary – Kingfishers Fundraising Night

Channel relay fundraising gig, date for your diary, Friday 27th July,at the cask, 7 til midnight. Bob Walker booked for sound, £5 tickets in advance or £6 on the door. Tickets and line up to follow shortly.

Scarborough Swimming Club Gala Information 15th – 17th June

Warm up Times & General Information:

Scarborough A & B Gala Meet Information

Start lists & Live results for the Scarborough 2018 A&B Gala can be found on this link :

Kingfisher Joe Benson Qualifies For North Eastern County Championships

Kingfisher Joe Benson Qualifies For North Eastern County Championships

Congratulations to Kingfisher Joe Benson who has qualified for 2 events at the prestigious North Eastern County Championships to be held at the John Charles Aquatic Centre Leeds. Joe achieved qualification on the back of his excellent races at the Yorkshire Championships February in the 50m & 100m Backstroke events.

Joe’s races will take place over 2 weekends Sunday 20th May & Sunday 27th May. This is a fantastic achievement & thoroughly well-deserved.

Kingfishers Middlesbrough ASC 2018 Feb AA Gala Swimming Report

Kingfishers Middlesbrough ASC 2018 AA Gala Swimming sav2

9th Annual ‘Spring’ B/C Graded Sprint Meet

9th Annual ‘Spring’ B/C Graded Sprint Meet – 7th March 2015 – All information regarding this event including schedule, cut off times and entry forms can be found by clicking on the link below:


Press Cuttings & Photographs







Reports 2012


Caitlin Wilson Reporting from Ennerdale Leisure Centre

I am Caitlin Wilson, and I am 9 years old. On Saturday the 30th June to Sunday the 1st July 2012 I went to my first open meet at Ennerdale swimming pool in Hull.

I competed in:

50m Front crawl

50m Back Stroke

50m Breast Stroke

50m Butterfly

100m  Individual Medley.


I got a 2nd in 50m Front Crawl and Back Stroke, a 3rd in the 50m Breast Stroke and 100m I.M and finally I got a 4th in the 50m Butterfly.


I achieved 3 Yorkshire times in 50m Front crawl Back stroke and 100m I.M. After coming 2nd in the Back Stroke on Sunday morning, we had to go to Driffield leisure Centre to compete in the Yorkshire School’s Biathlon Final along with my sister Morgan and my best friend Amy Corcoran. In the Biathlon we had to do a 500m run and a 50m swim. I came 3rd in my age group Amy came 2nd in here age group and my sister came 7th in here age group she had to do 1000m run  and a 100m swim.

Kingfishers Swimming club attended this year’s Yorkshire Championships which were held over three weekends in February and March at the both the John Charles Pool in Leeds and Ponds Forge Pool in Sheffield. These championships are attended by qualifying swimmers from across the entire region competing in the 50 metre ‘long course’ pool.

Kingfishers SC achieved a fantastic 14 qualifying swimmers this year, which translated to over 30 swims! The swimmers represented their club and town fantastically well across the various weekends and sessions.​

Attending her first Championships, nine year old Amy Corcoran became the star of the ‘Yorkshires’ when she competed in a total of 12 swims, eight races, plus four finals across the three weekends.

Amy returned home with a medal haul of two top ten pendants, two Bronze medals, two Silver medals and two first place trophies.

This outstanding achievement should be highlighted, as Amy competed in the 50m and 200m disciplines across a wide variety of events. This goes to prove what an outstanding talent she is.

Amy’s medal haul is listed below:


50m Breastroke 46.22 – 1st

50m Fly 39.85 – 1st

200m Individual medley 3.11.60 – 2nd


200m breaststroke 3.40.50 – 2nd

200m Backstroke 3.14.92 – 3rd

200m Freestyle 2.49.76 – 3rd

50m Freestyle 35.84 – 5th

50m Backstroke 42.75 – 6th


Fantastic work from Amy, and her coaches at both Kingfishers and York City Bath Club, who have assisted in developing Amy in to the swimmer she is.


Mention must also be given to Brandon Lino, who reached the final of the 50m butterfly, smashing a 3 year old Kingfishers club record in the process. Once again, a brilliant swim.


Congratulations must also go to all the swimmers who attended the Championships, many achieving Personal Bests in the Long Course pool and thanks to the Coaches and Team Managers who supported the swimmers at the events.


Having only just turned 9 years old, Emily McDiarmid qualified for her first County Championships, and put in a whole hearted performance to register a good time in what hopefully will be her first Yorkshires of many to come.

If you want them, back row left to right; Evie Lawty, Morgan Wilson, Harriet Longley, Chloe Simmons, Paige Cusworth, Emily Corcoran, Aaron Gilson, Brandon Lino, Euan Topley. Front row left to right; Emily Mcdiarmid, Ceri Boddy, Amy Corcoran.


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North Eastern Champion 2005

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2011 Club Awards

Full Version 2011 Pres Blurb swimming

Kingfishers Swimming Club Awards 2011


 Combined Distance (Miles) Certificates in 2011 training season at Wykeham

Jonny Lucas 37
David Morgan 26
Savannah Snowball 25
Mary Beth Hebron 24
Erin Hope 22
Alex Consoli 15
Lewis Sykes 14
Owen Wills 14
Alex Lee 11
Amanda Cracknell 7
Jane Sedman 6
Kev Sykes 6
Louise Scupham 5
Debbie Adcock 5
Katie Mould 4
Katie Lee 2
Ben Jewison 2
Lilly Small 2

Castlefoot Certificates

Savannah Snowball

Mary-Beth Hebron

Jane Sedman

Louise Scupham

Erin Hope

Scalby-Mills to Spa Certificate

Jonny Lucas

The Robert Fisher Novice Plates – these are awarded for outstanding performance throughout the open water season


This young lady joined Kingfishers to pursue her love of long distance swimming, and has thrived in the friendly, like minded group that frequent the waters at Wykeham each Monday. She is a pleasure to work with and always trains without any fuss. She swam around the Castlefoot in an exceptional time and is looking forward to swimming around the country with our up and coming Open Water Squad next year.

Congratulations Erin Hope

Boys –  re-assigned to 2nd Girl this year

The winner of this award may come as a shock to some of the pool swimmers least of all because it’s a girl not a boy! Towards the end of the season in fact straight after a Kingfisher camping holiday in Ullswater a certain young lady known to all – as an exceptional pool swimmer came up to Wykeham to have a nosey and see what goes on up there. She got in flew round twice missed a week came up again flew round three times and went in the sea and swam the Castlefoot straight after a 10mile cycle race. It’s not the usual introduction to Open Water swimming but it was a pleasure and a privilege to help her achieve it.

Congratulations Louise Scupham

K and M Dickinson Endeavour Award is awarded for effort and determination

This young lady came up to Wykeham on 9th May this year, stayed in 18 minutes (in 14/15 degrees) and clearly loved every one of them. She continued to come up every week and, without any fuss get in the lake and swim continuously until we pulled her out. Her first season culminated in swimming an exceptional Castlefoot swim and competing in National Long Distance Events at Wykeham Lake and Lyn Regis. Definitely one to watch in the future!

Congratulations Savannah Snowball

Robert Fisher Endurance Trophy awarded for outstanding commitment to open water swimming

This young lady is in her 3rd season of outdoor swimming and is showing real potential in the sport. Her no nonsense approach and dedication to training has really paid off and the results were evident for all to see. With a Castlefoot swim now very securely tucked under her towelling robe the future is looking very rosy.

Congratulations Mary Beth Hebron


Les Rouse Trophy awarded for outstanding contribution to long distance swimming

This trophy goes to a long standing member of the Long Distance Squad, a  young woman who has been trawling round the long distance circuit since she was 12 and, who this year before leaving us to go to university had a final trip as an advocate of Kingfishers to the BLDSA Bala Swim to meet up with old friends and see if the water was still wet and cold in Wales. At 18 she is now more used to finding out how cold and wet the lager in Newcastle is. As a regular swimmer, canoeist and boat crew she will be missed next year but we wish her well and thank her for the years she gave the Open Water Squad and Kingfishers.

Congratulations.Alex Lee

I am now going to have a brief rest and hopefully refill my glass while some video of swimmers in action is put on the screen. I will return shortly with the final set of special awards.

I would now like to welcome Aimee Willmott who has kindly agreed to be our special guest tonight to present these awards. Aimee is a top GB swimmer with particular success in the 200 and 400 IM. She has silver medals from the 2009 European Junior Championships in the 200 and 400 IM. In the European Championships of 2010 she was placed 10th and 12th in the 200 and 400 IM and later in the year in the Commonwealth Games gained a 5th in the 400 IM, 6th in the 200 IM and 8th in the 800 Freestyle. Her targets now are an Olympic medal, hopefully in 2012 but if not then 2016.

So onto the special awards starting with:




Girls Nominations:

1) Emily McDiarmid *

Emily never gives in, and is a superb trainer. Her attendance is excellent, and she is reaping just rewards for her hard work this year. Within the past week she has achieved qualifying times for her first open meet.

2) Charlotte Dickinson

Charlotte shows endless potential, and she is showing signs of becoming an excellent backstroke swimmer (just like her dad used to be!) all of her strokes are improving by the week.

3) Cameron Swiers

Cameron has been described by her teachers and coaches as an all round lovely girl. She puts everything she has into everything she does, and is an absolute pleasure to teach. Her attitude is helping her develop and improve as a swimmer in all aspects of the sport.

THE WINNER IS : Emily McDiarmid

Boys Nominations: FOR Friendly League Trophy

1) Jay Taylor

He is the oldest of the nominees in this category, but is well deserving of his place. It is obvious that Jay wants to be a swimmer, and he is working hard to get to the highest level. Jay has swum in the East Coast League for the first time this year.

2) Daniel Nolan *

Daniel is willing to give anything a go, and is up for everything! He is a big strong lad, and has represented the club well in the East Coast League this season. His top effort in training has achieved him his nomination.

3) Matthew Walker

Matthew has just this year got to grips with what it takes to be a swimmer. Now he has achieved this, the prospects he has are difficult to put a limit to!

THE WINNER IS : Daniel Nolan



Girls Nominations:

1) Erin Nickleson

This young lady has very much caught the eye of the top squad coaches, especially in her efforts in training on a Saturday morning. She is now breaking in to the top group of 9 year old swimmers, a place she well deserves to be.

2) Sophie Boddy *

Sophie has been one of two swimmers to smash records left right and centre at this years club championships. Her highlights would have to be her 100m and 200m front crawl swims, where she recorded incredibly quick times! She is looking forward to setting some very fast county championship qualifying times for next season!

3) Caitlin Wilson

This young lady is the other half of the duet of record smashers this year! Amongst her achievements, she has broken various club records. Overall she has had a fantastic year, and is already looking at county qualifying times for championships she is still miles too young for!

THE WINNER IS : Sophie Boddy

Boys Nominations: FOR Novice Trophy

1) Leo Forsyth *

Leo has screwed his head on the right way round in the second half of this year, and was spotted as a talented young chap by one of the coaches. He has worked hard in training, and his efforts helped to return a superb 4 gold medals in the club championships.

2) Nathan Richards

Nathan attends lots of sessions, and always puts 100% into his training. He has taken 12 seconds off his 25m free time in less than one year! He is a quiet, polite young man who is a pleasure to have in the swimming pool.

3) Charlie Hunter

Charlie is a member in a tough group of lads, which we have not been able to say for a few years at this club! He has consistently worked hard to get right amongst the top of his competitive group. Keep up the top work Charlie!

THE WINNER IS : Leo Forsyth

Most Improved Top Squad


Girls Nominations:

1) Harriet Longley

Hattie ‘Jack Wills’ Longley is another late comer to our sport. Nevertheless, she has applied herself wonderfully well, attending extra training and earning herself a Yorkshire time. Harriet’s best attribute has to be her underwater work. She is the best in the club by far at ‘feet past the flags’ which so many struggle with. If you ever wondered how to streamline on a start or turn, have a watch of Harriet in the water!

2) Morgan Wilson *

Again, from absolutely nowhere Morgan has put herself forward as being a very talented athlete. She has trained well throughout the year, coupling her swimming with her career in Motorsport. Morgan has taken to the medley programme we have run this year well, and her reward came with a 200m Individual Medley Yorkshire time. A year of hard work ahead, but exciting times will come hand in hand with it!

3) Isobel Metcalf

Isobel has had her most successful year to date in all aspects of her swimming. She has increased her training time, her times have come down, and most importantly for a 10year old girl, her strokes have improved ten fold. At Shipley Open Meet, Isobel broke the tough 2minute mark for 100m breaststroke. She is always willing to work, and is a valued member of our team.

THE WINNER IS : Morgan Wilson

Boys Nominations : Most Improved Top Squad


1) Euan Topley *

Toppers has had a belting season. He has taken to the extra training load well, and he has developed into a strapping young lad. He is now able to push almost anyone to swim quickly during training. Jonny Lucas  should certainly be looking over his shoulder to be the fastest male in the training pool! Euan’s commitment and effort achieved him 3 Yorkshire times at the Winter meet, along with many more times at various open meets around the northeast region.

2) Aaron Gilson

Aaron has stepped up to the mark this year, and has shown that he has what it takes to achieve his potential. If the attitude and application continues into the new year, Aaron will be vying for county qualifying times. A hero on tough sets, always completing the most difficult back end of the longer testing sessions.

3) Brandon Lino (LENO)

In terms of speed swimming, Brandon is the highest achieving Kingfisher member this year. He achieved a North Eastern Qualifying time in the 200m backstroke. He has attended most of the open meets this year, usually swimming a gruelling programme of events! He is still a young chap, and more success could be just around the corner!

THE WINNER IS : Euan Topley

Open Meet Trophy Nominations :


1) Chloe Simmons

It’s fair to say that Chloe has changed a bit over the last couple of years. I quote the coaches report from 2009 ‘Genie is quiet, she doesn’t cause a fuss and she just gets on with it’ well, possibly not exactly the same as then, but she has had some cracking swims this year! Her finest moment this year was swimming the gruelling 200m breaststroke in Harrogate. She was placed in the final heat, alongside national swimmers. This brought out a super fast swim, missing out on a North Eastern Qualifying time by tenths of a second.

2) Ceri Boddy

Ceri has upped her training this year, and this has reaped rewards for her on the open meet circuit. She has turned in to an ever present member, and never fails to smile. Her season culminated in the 100m breaststroke in the Yorkshire Championships where she recorded a brilliant personal best, only weeks after her previous PB had been set. This year, Ceri managed to qualify for 100m freestyle, 100m breaststroke and 200m Individual Medley at the Yorkshire Championships. More of the same please Ceri!

3) Amy Corcoran *

This girl has had most coaches lost for words this season. She has gone from strength to strength, and given inspiring performances throughout. She is a model trainer, doing what is asked of her, and she is picking up different training techniques all the time. She is fast becoming one of the ‘big girls’ of the group-quite ironic really! The pinnacle of her season came in Sheffield at the Yorkshires, when she showed her talents and won a fantastic silver medal. This is testament to our club competing at a high level, well done Amy!

THE WINNER IS : Amy Corcoran



This award was donated by the Disabled Swimming Club in recognition of the help Kingfishers gave them in re-establishing their own swimming galas.

Nominations :

1) Paige Cusworth

This young lady has shown this year that she has a love for her sport, as well as her club. She has worked extremely hard during training sessions, giving good commitment to a testing training regime. Paige is currently working hard at fine tuning her strokes, to best suit her swimming style. She has at times been faced with difficult situations, especially when competing at big galas, but she has always taken the positives from situations when it would have been so easy to crumble! She now has a key role on the poolside during club night, and she is a motivator within the group.

2) Lily Small

Lily has significantly raised herself in to the testing top squad training programme this year. She never seems to be defeated, even during the most testing of sessions. Lily applied herself superbly well at an open meet merely days after her 9th birthday, where she achieved 3 Yorkshire Qualifying times for the County Championships in October. She had 3 great swims in Sheffield, that she certainly would not have managed without her A1 hard work and perseverance throughout the season. Well done for a great 2011 Lily.
3) Louise Scupham *

Louise has had a very different season to what she has had in the past. As always, she has been 100% focused when in the swimming pool on any occasion, be it training or competition. She would probably tell you that she has struggled to apply her endless hard work in the training pool, to recording times in the competition pool. This is because she is incredibly modest, and above all, is by far and away her own worst critic! In fact, Louise has produced wonderful swims from start to finish, breaking 5 minutes for 400m freestyle in the process. Above all, it’s Lou’s attitude to our club at all times that has got her a nomination in this category. Through hard times and good, Lou always finds time to encourage and help the younger swimmers in the water. She could at times be mistaken as a coach at open meets, shepherding swimmers to the right place at the right time, and overseeing their races!  She freely declares her undying love for Kingfishers, and is proud to tell anyone she meets that we are the best swimming club in the world, bar none!

THE WINNER IS : Louise Scupham

There is (are) now an (or two) awards to be presented to a swimmer (or two) who has (have) shown continued dedication to the club and is (are) the longest serving active swimmer (s). She (They) has (have) represented the club (and still does) over many years.

A Kingfisher is presented to Hannah Clubley (and to Anthony Connell).



Kingfisher Cup

This trophy was introduced to recognize a special contribution by an individual who has shown exceptional commitment to the club through whichever role they hold. It provides an opportunity to pay tribute to someone quite unique within the club and to demonstrate publicly just how much their efforts and dedication are appreciated.

This gentleman is unable to be here tonight, this is possibly fitting as he shies away from the thanks and praise that he richly deserves. This chap epitomises Kingfishers from top to bottom. His dedication is second to none, and is a perfect example for swimmers, parents and helpers to learn from. He is never late for a session, never leaves early, he is always there early to put the lane ropes in, and of course is always at the ready with a flask of tea for when the going gets tough. He regularly coaches for two hours on a Saturday morning after a 9hour Friday night shift wrestling drunken fools in the town centre. He can easily work 6 hours a week, yet still has more energy than most of the kids when he is poolside. Dedication and commitment at it’s best. Thank you Sir, for your relentless hard work, and tea!

The Kingfisher Cup goes to Tony Landray

Kingfisher Shield

This award goes to a person or persons who have best served the club in all areas and put something back into the sport by helping and encouraging others, this could be awarded to a swimmer, a teacher or a helper.

This year, this award is going to be awarded to a swimmer for the first time in some years. There is just reason for this, as the swimmer has endured an incredible few months. Early on in 2011, this young lady was told she was to undergo a life changing operation. A couple of months later, she was admitted to a Leeds hospital, and underwent open heart surgery. The problem was soon sorted out with no negatives coming from the op, and she remained in hospital for around a week. Since then, she has returned to her intense training programme. She recorded county championship qualifying times, and competed in the winter Yorkshire competition. Here, she achieved personal best times, including a fantastic 100m butterfly swim. This itself is a jaw dropping achievement. This would have been impossible without the support of her family and friends, but more so her unerring drive to return to the high standards which she sets for herself. After such a successful year, we are bubbling with excitement to see what else she can produce. Once again, an incredible young lady, and an inspiration to all.

The Kingfisher Shield goes to Emily Corcoran

Before finishing it is now time to look forward to an even more successful 2012 and  it is time to announce the vice captains and club captain for 2012 and I would like John Titley Club President or Dave Cracknell Club Chairman to shake their hand and give them their certificate of office.

Boys Vice Captain – Connor Rutter

Girls Vice Captain – Paige Cusworth

Club Captain – Louise Scupham

Have a Happy Christmas.

Castlefoot Swim

September 3rd 2011 Castlefoot Swim

Getting In!!

Saturday 3rd September saw the last three sea swims of the season for Kingfishers open water swimmers take place. Erin Hope a member of both the open water team and also Filey Swimming Club, Louise Scupham and Jane Sedman entered the sea at 4pm on the north beach, the sea was relatively calm and the wind was off shore so waves weren’t too big. The swimmers had four canoes and the kingfishers safety boat for support and they quickly fell into formation, Louise fresh from a 10 mile cycle race went out in front with Erin close behind both doing freestyle and Jane brought up the rear swimming breastroke.

Louise, Jane and Erin

With no jellyfish in sight and the QE2 on the horizon Louise stormed home and stood up on the south beach in 33mins 38secs a superb time for her first open water sea swim. Erin whose drive and determination in long distance training has seen her improve enormously this season finished in a fantastic time of 41mins 40secs and finally Jane Sedman who was only offered the chance to swim 24 hrs before finished in a very credible 47mins 57secs a real achievement in breastroke which in the sea is a difficult stroke to maintain.

All the swimmers and safety crew

As always our thanks to the safety crews that give up their time to support the swimmers not only on sea swims, but every week at Wykeham Lakes where the open water team train every Monday night between May to September.  Canoeists  Gav Kerrigan, Kenny Inman, Jamie Dixon and Jamie Walker. As well as the Kingfisher Safety boat crew of Philip Dickinson, Kev Sykes and Jonathon Lucas.