Swim Manager – First Login/Password Reset

To log in for the first time OR to reset your password at any time – please:

1. Go to: https://kingfscar.swimmanager.co.uk/login

2. Click the Forgotten Password link …

Swim Manager Login

3. Enter your email address and click the Send Password Reset Link button …

Forgotten Password

4. An email containing a link will be received (check spam folder) – click link (valid 24 hours) …

Reset Password

5. You will be taken to a page where you can choose your password … then click Reset

Reset 2

6. Now you can then log in to Swim Manager

7. If your link has expired, then follow this process again to get a new link



If anything is incorrect such as contact email and mobile numbers, addresses etc., you can use the pencil (Edit) button to make changes and enter the correct information yourself.

Note that the swimmer name (first name, last name and known as) MUST match those details registered with British Swimming. These should NOT not need to be changed.  If these are incorrect please let the club know.

Please make yourself familiar with Swim Manager – you can read more about it in the User Guide to Swim Manager (click HERE to open).

The screen shots in the guide show Orca Swimming Club’s logo. Please don’t be put off – it is the official developer’s guide.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email:


Kingfishers Swim Manager Administrator