Meet the Committee Series 4

Here is the 4th installment in the Meet the committee series

Sherril Clark

Assistant coach 2 since 2017
Education and mentor coach recently as I thought the swimmers needed a contact for the various courses swim England are tending to put on at the moment.
When did I join?
I first joined Kingfishers at the age of 9. Growing up with the Kingos family some of which are still members (Jon and Paula especially). Life took over and on my return to Scarborough I drifted back to Kingfishers again in 2017
With family members already in the club, I basically got sucked in from the start. My 2 daughters were swimming and once Jon saw me on the balcony it wasn’t long before I was poolside.
Committee wise…… anyone who had ever⁰ tried to say no to the lovely Amanda Lee will understand!!
Am I a swimmer?
Yes I joined the forces at 20 and ended up swimming tri service…..lucky enough to swim in Australia against them, Canada and New Zealand.
I deal drugs for the NHS
Fav pastime…sports of any description unless they involve heights!!
Outdoor activities long beach walks with the dogs
What annoys me?
Rude parents who think they know how to coach and that you’re doing it wrong. If they know better why aren’t they poolside???
The smiles and laughs you can have either individually or with the squad. Teaching some new drill watching it be mastered and sharing the sense of achievement it brings.

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