Kingfishers​ Swimming Club​ – Update 8th April, 2020

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Update 8th April, 2020.

A lot has happened since we suspended swimming on the 18th March; it turned out to be the correct one predating the government’s decision by a few days.
This message is an update prior to the unprecedented virtual committee meeting that will take place on Thursday via the wonders of ‘Office Teams’. This is to discuss the way forward and try to predict various scenarios so that when we return to swimming we are as prepared as possible.
The pool provider, Everyone Active (EA) kept going after the governments recommendations and eventually was one of the last Sports Villages to close in the North East. This might prove relevant as they may look to charge us for the pool time we didn’t fulfil whilst they were open and we were still within our ‘notice period’. At the moment the majority of E.A. staff have been ‘furloughed’ so meetings are not practical or possible.
Kingfishers have paid the Swim England dues of £4.123.30 (which is funded from the annual membership payment) and we have also allowed for backdated pool fees, various insurances and non running costs, so as a club, due to prudent housekeeping, at this time we are financially sound.
For this to continue we ask that could all members ensure that they are up to date with their swimming payments, making payment as soon as possible of any outstanding balances overdue for any previous months (including February and March 2020, plus any outstanding balance still overdue for annual membership.
Please note that if there are any problems do contact Paula Ambury (email addresses listed below) and we will be as sympathetic as possible in these extremely difficult times.
When we reopen we cannot realistically expect to start with a 100% attendance but hopefully experience a steady return and uptake as the country returns to the ‘new normal’. Understandingly the uptake will also be mainly dependant on families’ financial commitments.
Depending on timescales and coaching availability would running a programme through the August months be viable? Such are these types of questions that we will begin to formulate plans upon?
If anyone has any questions that we can reasonably attempt to answer, please don’t hesitate to ask, but as always please be aware as volunteers we don’t always have the answers that you may seek.
Stay safe and hopefully it will not be too long before we are back in the water.

Colin Simmons
Chair, Kingfishers Swimming Club

If you have any questions please contact the club:
General enquiries via Vicky the Club Secretary:

For payments and front desk enquiries via Paula:

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