Friendly League – Beverley

Warm up 5pm

Start 5:30pm

Bus leaves Scarborough at 3:15pm

Friendly League Gala – Scarborough

Warm up 6pm

Start 6:30 pm

Ridings League Gala

Warm up 6pm

Start 6:30pm

East Coast Gala – Driffield

Warm up 3pm

Start 3:30pm

11 & Under Gala – Loftus

Warm up 1:30pm

Start 2pm

Ridings League – South Hunsley

Warm up 5:30pm

Start – 6:30pm

Bus leaves Scarborough at 3:15pm

Ridings League

Warm up – 6pm

Start – 6:30om

11 And Under Gala

Warm up at 5pm, start at 5:30pm

Friendly League – Scarborough

Warm up at 6pm, start at 6:30pm

Friendly League – Driffield

Warm up – 3pm / 3.30pm. Bus sets off from the swimming pool at 1:45pm