Kingfishers Club AGM

Date: Thursday December 4th
Time: 7pm
Place: Top floor, The Old Vic pub ( opposite the train station).

Buffet will be provided

This is an invite for all members to attend. Everyone will be warmly welcome.
Vacancies open for club committee members, who will be voted on during the AGM. If you are interested in becoming a committee member please see our main kingfisher notice board in the foyer of the indoor swimming pool.

Kingfishers Club Badge Night

6:00pm start

Border Championships

6:00pm warm up, 6:30pm start

Kingfishers Club Championships

6:00pm start

Kingfishers Club Championships

4:00pm start

Kingfishers Club Championships

6:00pm start

Ridings League Championships – Ennerdale

All day Saturday, split into morning and afternoon sessions,  times TBC – approx. 8:30am start.

Friendly Gala – Whitby

Warm up – 5:00pm

Start – 5:30pm

Friendly Gala

Warm Up 6:00pm

Start 6:30pm

Ridings League Division 1

Warm Up  4:00pm

Start – 4:30pm