Club Information

The Kingfishers Club Information Pack For New and Existing Members will provide information about all aspects of the club from committee members, club structure, teaching methods, codes of conduct & expected standards for different levels of swimmers.

Copies will be available for renewals in January 2018 and the document will also be available as a download on this page.

For 2018 it is intended the membership costs and method and timing of payment will change to a monthly model. Further details will be announced in the early part of 2018 once the process has been finalised & set up. Target to have in place by June 1st.

Club Membership 2018

Junior and Adult Members: £100 per year donation,  includes Swim England Cat 1 Membership, (Cat 2 Upgrade for licenced meet competitors is £17.30).

Training Sessions: £3.00 for 1 hour and £6.00 for 2 hours

Associate Members: £11 per year donation (including Swim England Cat 3 membership).  Associate Members volunteering to assist the club – free upon qualification.

Open Water Season Fee: £45 per year.

* A family with three children will receive free membership for the third child.

Kingfishers Swimming Club Scarborough has charitable status and is run by volunteers. One of our aims is to keep swimming accessible to all within the borough and we encourage members who are tax payers to complete a Gift Aid form which enables the club to seek reimbursement from HMRC of basic rate tax paid on donations by members to the club, at no cost to members, providing the member has paid more tax than the amount donated, in the same tax year. 

More information is available from the front desk on club nights on membership, club subscription costs, and Gift Aid.