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Scarborough Teenager To Attempt Cross-Channel Relay Swim

A Scarborough teenager is joining Kingfisher Swimming Club’s open water team.

14-year-old Maddy Adams and her team are taking part in a cross-channel relay attempt next summer.

The group need to raise around £6,000 for safety boats and crew, special equipment and lots more.

She is starting her fund-raising efforts by singing alongside her musical father Rich Adams (of well-known Scarborough band Stony) at a special concert on Friday 27th July at the Cask.

Maddy will be joined through the evening by a host of talented young performers playing a range of musical styles.

Robyn Keech, who is another singing-swimmer, from Kingfishers’ ranks will also be performing.

As well as performing her own set, Maddy will also join her Dad on stage when the night is rounded off.

Maddy said:

“The team need to raise money for safety boats and crew, special equipment and lots of other things.

I have swum in open water competitions for a couple of years but the channel relay would be my biggest challenge yet. I can’t wait.”


The Kingfishers Swimming Club is one of the oldest volunteer-run sports clubs in Scarborough and its Open Water section is going from strength to strength, competing across England and Wales.

Maddy’s dad, Rich Adams, said:

“Joining up with Kingfishers has been inspiring for our family as both of my daughters have swum with the club.

“The volunteers work tirelessly to provide great sporting opportunities for the youngsters.

The whole team needs to raise a great deal of additional funding to attempt something as major as a channel relay.

It’s a pleasure to be able to perform to try to support them – and even better to sing alongside Maddy!”

Bridlington Seaside Meet – Saturday 14th July – Meet details

Important News – No Training on Wednesday 11th July for sessions after 7pm

No training on Wednesday 11th July for any of the sessions after 7pm. This is due to the world cup, work commitements & the race for life.

To make up for this we are extending the summer term by 1 week so last summer club night will be Wednesday 25th July. Saturday 28th and 29th will also run.

If England win on Wednesday the Sunday session may also be cancelled.


Latest Club News – Major Changes To Club From 1st June

As of 1st June several major changes will be happening within the club.

Further to Scarborough Borough Council’s contract with Everyone Active we will be losing the use of the learner pool, this not only effects the learn to swim program which unfortunately we will lose all together it also means the end of the development classes on Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon for the development squad.  All the development squad children affected will move into the big pool lanes at the same time.

The learn to swim children will unfortunately and with a heavy heart be pathwayed to Everyone Active.  All affected children and their parents are being given letters of explanation and after extensive consultation with Everyone Active they will receive 4 free swimming lessons within Everyone Actives scheme from there they can then decide to sign up to their program or go elsewhere as is their choice.

These children and others at this stage have a well-designed pathway back to the club via a talent ID session on Saturday mornings run by Everyone Active and with input from our Lower Development squad senior teacher Mags Hope.  Children can access this session when they have attained stage 5/6 with Everyone Active.  Direct entry to the club is still available and trials every Wednesday between 6 – 7pm will be offered to children to who can swim a minimum of 25 metres of each stroke.

Wednesday night is again going to run from 6 – 10pm with Masters moving to 4 lanes initially from 9 – 10pm (if the group outgrows these lanes we have scope to increase the lane amounts).  Upper Development children will move in with Top Squad at 8 – 9pm and those children that the teachers feel are ready will move from Lower Development into the Upper Development lanes 7-8pm.  In turn those in the deep end of widths will also move into Lower Development lengths 7 – 8pm.  Your relevant teacher/coach will inform affected children/parents of these moves.  There is a clear pathway through the club from widths to top squad and as the children improve their teachers/coaches will move them from session to session.  As the children access higher squads, more water time in sessions on other days will become available to them, if parent’s are in any doubt where their children are on the pathway please speak to your child teacher/coach.

For Top Squad and Upper Development the Thursday night session 5-6pm is being discontinued and will be replaced with a new 2 hour session on Monday nights 6.30 – 8.30 pm again see your coaches regarding inclusion in this session.

Due to the loss of the revenue from the Learn to Swim program payment methods will also be changing from 1st June.  All session fees will now be payment monthly on the 1st of each month.  All members have been squaded by the teachers/coaches and this will indicate the payment amount to our front desk ladies.  Please see payment amounts below;-

46 weeks
Squad Times Calculation Cost Per Month Reduction for regular attendance
W/LD1 1 session £3 x 46 ÷12 = £11.50
LD2/CLUB 2 sessions £6 x 46 ÷ 12 = £23.00
UD 4 hours £9 x 46 ÷ 12 = £34.50 only pay for 3 hours
TS 7 hours £15 x 46 ÷ 12 = £57.50 only pay for 5 hours


If you feel you child is in the wrong squad we do understand that not all members will be able to attend all sessions and so for those who can access the most sessions we have built in a reduced cost to take this into account.  We also have some children who are not interested in competition and only swim for fitness, this is absolutely fine and something we continue to encourage, please feel free to speak to us regarding this and any other queries you may have.  We endeavour to keep our fees as reasonable as possible whilst keeping the club on a stable long term financial footing.  The club is run by volunteers who spend hundreds of hours providing our services for the good of the community.

Masters sessions that have been running on 4 different monthly tiered amounts will change to two from 1st June as follows;-

46 weeks
Squad Times Calculation Cost Per Month Reduction for regular attendance
Masters T1 4 hours £9 x 46 ÷ 12 = £34.50 only pay for 3 hours
Masters T2 2 hours £6 x 46 ÷ 12 =  £23.00


Payment methods for the monthly fees will be cash, cheque or card from 1st June with Direct Debit/Standing Order available from September.

We are holding a parents/members meeting on Monday night at 7pm in the function room at the Sports Village (access by the side entrance near the football pitch) for anybody with any queries and please feel  free to ask any questions to our front desk teams and committee members.

Many thanks

Kingfishers Committee

Bags for Life

Bags for life is an opportunity for you to turn unwanted clothing into much needed funds to support your club

The first collection is on Wednesday 28th September 2011 with a second collection on Thursday 19th April 2012.

Adults and children’s clothing, bedding, curtains,soft toys, shoes (tied together please), belts and handbags. NO BRIC-A-BRAC

Just bring your bags to the pool when you come training on Wednesday or Sunday evenings.

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